Compatibility: 2.0+

 Purpose: Sets the maximum number of files that may be opened and accessed

          at one time.

    Uses: ■ Many applications run into problems when the FILES= setting is

            left at the default.  Add this command to CONFIG.SYS (or

            increase its value) when an application reports there are "not

            enough file handles".

          ■ Avoid "inexplicable" file open errors when using word

            processors, spreadsheets, and database management programs.

  Syntax: FILES=n


        n specifies how many files can be open at one time.  n can range

          from 8 to 255.  The default value is 8 which is often too small.

█ŢTECH NotesŮ█

  ■ By default, the handle table is located in a reserved portion of the

    PSP of every app.

  ■ Starting with DOS 3.3+, it is possible for any application program to

    increase the available handles.  See DOS fn 67H (set handle count).

See Also: CONFIG.SYS Commands