Compatibility: 6.0+

 Purpose: Chooses a default selection in a MultiConfig Menu and sets a

          time-out value to let the boot process continue setting up a

          default configuration.

    Uses: ■ Set up so that a MultiConfig CONFIG.SYS file can run its course

            automatically, without user intervention.

          ■ Position the menu cursor so that one press of Enter will

            continue with the most-often used configuration.

          ■ Skip the "MS-DOS Startup Menu" display altogether.

  Syntax: MENUDEFAULT=blockName [,time-out]


blockName is the name of a block of CONFIG.SYS commands.  It must be one of

          the blocks named in a MENUITEM= or SUBMENU= command in the same

          menu block.

          [blockName] (the same text, enclosed in square brackets, on a

          line by itself) must appear elsewhere in the CONFIG.SYS file.

 time-out specifies a delay interval, in seconds.  DOS will wait time-out

          seconds and if it senses no keystrokes, it exits the menu and

          executes the commands in the block identified by blockName.

          If time-out is omitted, DOS will display the menu and pause until

          Enter is pressed.

          The time-out value can range from 0 to 90 seconds.  A value of 0

          causes DOS to bypass the menu and immediately execute the

          commands in the blockName block.

█ŢTECH NotesŮ█

  ■ An invalid syntax such as...

      MENUDEFAULT no_ems No EMS, 10

    ...will cause DOS to try to evaluate "NO EMS" as a time-out number and

    it comes out as 0.  The result is that execution immediately begins at


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