Compatibility: 6.0+

 Purpose: Lets you create environment variables in your CONFIG.SYS file.

    Uses: Set flags to trigger actions in AUTOEXEC.BAT.

  Syntax: SET varName=value


  varName is any string of characters, unbroken by spaces.  The varName is

          converted to uppercase and the entire string, including the

          value, is placed into the environment.

    value is any string of characters you wish to associate with varName.

█ŢTECH NotesŮ█

  ■ SET in CONFIG.SYS is supported only by DOS 6.0+.

    This was implemented in DOS 6.0 to enable MultiConfig Menus to pass an

    e-var (CONFIG) to AUTOEXEC.BAT.

  ■ There is no way to examine environment variables in CONFIG.SYS;

    however, the varName=value lines will be available for testing (via If

    or the Goto %varName% technique) in AUTOEXEC.BAT or other batch files.

  ■ The 127-character limit of the DOS Set command is not present when SET

    is used in CONFIG.SYS.  Some folks use this to create gigantic PATH=

    environment variables.  I recommend against this practice since many

    programs that examine the environment assume that no line is greater

    than 128 bytes.

  ■ The total size of the environment during CONFIG.SYS is not documented

    (use SHELL=COMMAND.COM /E:nnnn to set it for COMMAND.COM).

  ■ I use SET in CONFIG.SYS to give a name to my RAM disk; for instance,


    Then, in batch file and MAKE files, I can use commands such as:

       PATH %RAMDISK%\;c:\dos;c:\utils;...etc...

       COPY c:\utils\norton\ncd.exe %RAMDISK%

See Also: CONFIG.SYS Commands