Compatibility: 5.0+

 Purpose: Selects some DOS low-level options.

    Uses: ■ Keep users from using F5 or F8 to bypass or single-step through

            the commands in CONFIG.SYS.

          ■ Lets you move WINA20.386 to a directory other than the root of

            your boot disk.

          ■ Speed up the boot sequence.

          ■ Make some older programs interpret keystrokes correctly.

  Syntax: SWITCHES= [/F] [/K] [/N] [/W]


       /F forces DOS to skip the normal 2-second delay seen after the

          Starting MS-DOS... message (6.0+).

       /K makes an enhanced keyboard behave as a conventional keyboard.

       /N disables the F5 Clean Boot and F8 Interactive Boot features of

          CONFIG.SYS processing (6.0+).

       /W lets users of Microsoft Windows place WINA20.386 in a directory

          other than the root of the boot drive (6.0+).

█ŢTECH NotesŮ█

  ■ The /K option causes DOS keyboard handlers to map such scan codes as

    0e 49 (the separate PageUp key) to 49 (the PgUp key on the numeric

    keypad, when numlock is not active).  This is needed only on the oldest

    PC BIOSes and keyboards.

  ■ When /N is used, you can still abort AUTOEXEC.BAT by pressing

    Ctrl+Break repeatedly during startup.

See Also: Clean Boot

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