Compatibility: 2.0 only

 Purpose: An undocumented CONFIG.SYS command supported by DOS 2.x ONLY.

          It was intended to let users choose a character other than

          slash (/) as the character to begin DOS command-line options


          Some sort of perverse compatibility with UNIX (and its -opts

          format) was no-doubt intended.  It was never really supported,

          even by DOS commands (let alone third-party programs).

  Syntax: SWITCHES=c


        c is the desired switch character; e.g., SWITCHAR=- sets the

          character to a dash (-).

█ŢTECH NotesŮ█

  ■ If you want your command-line parser to look for a character other

    than /, be my guest; but it's of no interest to DOS or me.  See PSP.

  ■ DOS fn 3700H (query switch character) is also obsolete, but remains

    supported through DOS 6.0.  It always returns 2fH (/).

  ■ DOS fn 3701H (set switch character) is obsolete and unsupported.

    Calling it is a NOP; it does not return an error, but has no effect.

See Also: CONFIG.SYS Commands

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