Compatibility: 6.0+

 Purpose: Specify that a menu item in a MultiConfig Menu actually opens a


  Syntax: SUBMENU=blockName [,text]


blockName is the name of a block of CONFIG.SYS commands which contains one

          or more MENUITEM= or SUBMENU= commands.

          blockName can be up to 70 characters long.  It may contain most

                characters except for:

            \   backslashes

            /   slashes

            ,   commas

            ;   semicolons

            =   equal signs

            [ ] square brackets

          [blockName] (the same text, enclosed in square brackets, on a

          line by itself) must appear elsewhere in the CONFIG.SYS file.  If

          it cannot be found, an error message is displayed, and the

          submenu will not be shown in the menu.

     text is some text to be displayed as a menu choice.  If omitted,

          blockName is displayed as the menu item.

          The text can be up to 70 characters long, including displayable

          characters (ASCII 32-255).

█ŢTECH NotesŮ█

  ■ Each submenu can have its own MENUDEFAULT= and time-out value, so you

    can automate even multiply-nested menus.  But are you sure your really

    need this?

  ■ Its not documented anywhere, but you can backtrack from a submenu to a

    higher-level menu by pressing the BACKSPACE key.

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