1st Production Version Big Box Rats


Key Features:

Tone Control - Highs are increased as knob is turned clockwise using a Linear taper pot

Pro Co Sound Logo with "Sound Inc" vertically on side

Fluted silver center knobs on earliest versions

"Fringe" on Rat logo with all capital letters on very early models (1st 100?)

Changed to different Rat logo (bottom pic) with lower case #a & t" and no "fringe"

Very early models used Tantalum caps (small blue and brownish orange caps)

No battery door on bottom


Notice in photos the Volume, Tone and Distortion lettering is closer to the knobs on the 78' & 79' than the later models.


                                         1978 Big Box Rat


                                          1979 Big Box Rat


                                          1981 Big Box Rat