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Flash! (February, 2002)

New Madison area chess club.

There is a new chess club now meeting at the Middleton Public Library. Click the link for more information!

Mini FAQ
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    What chess books should I consider buying? click
    I'm a novice (or weak beginner). How can I improve my game? click
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Chess Diversions


A growing collection of fun and interesting chess humor

A father's essay on the dimension chess has added to his relationship with his son

Playing Chess over the Internet

   How do I get started playing live chess on the internet? Click here.

Chess Links


Duif's Place an incredible resource for chess playing kids and their parents.

The Week in Chess The most up to date chess news source in the universe.

Wisconsin Scholastic Chess Camp An opportunity no young chess player should miss!

National Master Randy Bauer's Homepage Chess instruction and book reviews written so that ordinary people can understand and learn from them.

U.S. Chess Center Home of the US Chess Hall of Fame. A rich resource of teaching and club ideas.

The Wisconsin Chess Association's Homepage. Stay current on news and events around the state.

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