Chess Levity and Frivolity

From the poison pen of the webmaster and his friends, a few humorous entries to entertain and instruct.

Chess Aggressiveness Test Chess humor by Robert Morrell.

Weak in Chess, Part I A painful look at two of my own games.

Weak in Chess, Part II Another game of mine, more pain.

Confessions of a Novice Definitely not to be missed, this is Tom Chandler's humorous look at his first tournament.

Gambit Reflex A fiction short story by Mitchell White. It's a bit on the long side (44K), but has a hugely rewarding ending. Good chess fiction!

Why do we play chess? An incisive and penetrating look into the psyche of chess players.

Quarantine By the immortal Arthur C. Clarke, possibly the shortest story ever written.

What's the Worst Move? More chess humor by Robert Morrell. His column, 'What's the Worst Move?" ran in the "Gambit," published by the North Carolina Chess Association.

Crazy! Further observations on the risks of playing children in tournaments.

The Real Danger of Computers Another "What's The Worst Move" installment by Robert Morrell.

Home alone Are computers taking a bite out of tournament play? Read on with Bob Morrell.

And the Winner Is... The final installment of "What's the Worst Move."

Links to other "lighter" chess sites:

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A large collection of chess quotes, both serious and humorous, courtesy of the Exeter Chess Club

Humorous chess stories from the Exeter Chess Club

A collection of chess wisdom, courtesy the Stuy Town Chess Club (Stuyvesant Town, Manhattan's east side)

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