Saturday Enrichment Program
(University of Wisconsin-Madison, Education Extension)


(NOTE: as of fall 2001, I am no longer teaching this course. Contact Nancy Blake to see if another chess class is being offered)

For the past several years, I have taught chess classes with the Saturday Enrichment Program, University of Wisconsin - Madison. This program is designed for children in grades 1 through 8, and offers a wide variety of courses. My chess classes have always been popular and has introduced many Madison area children to the game of chess.

Chess Challenges (appropriate for children grades 1 - 8).

This course is for children who already know the basics of chess, but who want additional instruction in the game. This course will teach intermediate concepts such as opening principles, middle and endgame techniques, pawn structure, and tactical themes such as forks and pins.

Tournament Preparation for Middle School Students (appropriate for children grades 5 - 8).

An extension of the first course, this program is designed to give children experience playing chess in tournament conditions. They are taught to keep a game score, analyze their own games, play with a clock, etc. Students analyze master games, play informal blitz tournaments, and gain experience in a competitive atmosphere. The final session of the class is an actual USCF rated tournament.

Tournament Preparation is only offered sporadically. Chess Challenges is offered at least once each SEP session. For more information on these classes, contact:

Contact Nancy Blake (send Nancy email here)

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