Star Naming: Can I purchase a star name for myself or a loved one? Get the scoop on star naming at this excellent site. Good info here and here too.

The International Dark Sky Association: Educating the public about the depletion of a precious natural resource - the night sky. Do you wonder if you can make a difference in the fight against wasteful lighting? Look no further.

The Nine Planets: An incredible collection of images and information on our solar system

Hubble Space Telescope Images: See what the HST has been seeing lately

Cosmic Controversy: A new web site run by Bruce Dorminy, author and science journalist. I am reviewing books for them occasionally.

Astrology: A great collection of content and links on the history and contemporary practice of astrology.

Richard Binder: Creator of the starry background seen on several of my web pages (including this one). Richard used Starry Night Pro to create the effect.

Starry Night Pro Planetarium Software: Whether you're a serious amateur astronomer or just someone who wants to learn the night sky, Starry Night Pro is a great way to utilize your computer to pursue your interests.

SETI At Home: Use your computer to help in the search for extra-terrestrial life.

Madison Metropolitan School District Planetarium and Observatory: The MMSD's facilities are a centerpiece for astronomy education in the Madison area. Monthly planetarium shows during the school year are a great way to learn about astronomy and meet others with similar interests. The public shows are very kid friendly!

The Madison Astronomical Society: MAS is Madison's local club for amateur astronomers. They hold monthly meetings open to the public and own a wonderful observatory facility about 30 miles south of Madison.

The Bad Astronomer: A wonderful web site run by a professional astronomer. This site is dedicated to good science, and thus spends some time pointing out examples of "bad" astronomy that make it into movies, the news, etc. This site is a must for your bookmark list.

Ask the Astronomer: This site is a repository of information, mostly in the form of questions submitted by regular folks and answered by an astronomer. Thousands of questions categorized and indexed for easy searching and educational reading.

The Oscar Mayer Observatory: in Fitchburg just south of Madison. Many people have seen this dome from Fish Hatchery road and ask about it. Here is a little info from the town of Fitchburg.

The Yerkes Observatory: A significant piece of astronomy history, right here in southern Wisconsin. The University of Chicago's Yerkes Observatory, now over 100 years old, was the training ground of Edwin Hubble, and houses the largest refracting telescope in the world. Make arrangements to visit if you've never been there, and check out my photos.

Donald Simanek's Skeptic Page: A great collection of science, bogus-science, and skeptically oriented links.

DPChallenge: The greatest amateur photography web site you'll ever visit. Designed specifically for digital photographers, this site is organized around weekly challenges where members compete for ribbons and the recognition of other members. A great community of photographers. Make sure you visit my profile page and portfolio while you're there.

Scientific Humor: All in fun, of course.

The Amazing Randi: James Randi's JREF homepage.

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