Class of 1970 is in 6th grade, most classmates are 11 years old
Supreme Court rules reading the Bible in public schools is illegal Establishment Clause (Landmark List)
Michigan elects Republican George Romney as Governor
Alabama Governor George Wallace declares segregation now and forever
James Meredith becomes first black American to graduate from University of Mississippi
The Beatles release Please, Please Me and With The Beatles
Ann Arbor's James "Iggy" Osterberg founds The Iguanas
Louie Louie released by The Kingsmen
President Kennedy assassinated November 22 by Lee Harvey Oswald although several conspiracy theories linger (Castro/Mafia/etc.); Jack Ruby kills Oswald the next day on live TV
Martin Luther King delivers I have a dream speech (Part II)with the March on Washington
Pope John  XXIII dies at 81 on June 3rd , succeeded by Pope Paul XI
James Bond in From Russia with Love
Lawrence of Arabia wins 7 Oscar's, Patty Duke wins at age 16 at the 35th Academy Awards
Sidney Poitier is first black actor to win Best Actor for Lillies of the Field (1963 Winners)
The movie, Beach Party, introduces The Bikini
Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds
Other popular movies are Cleopatra, Mutiny on the Bounty, The Longest Day
American Bandstand moves to Saturday afternoons on ABC
Robin Seymour and CKLW initiate Teen Town
Disney introduces Son of Flubber, Sword in the Stone, Summer Magic
Touch Tone Telephones introduced
Soviet Union puts first woman in space
Sonny Liston defeats Floyd Patterson again
Chateaugay wins Kentucky Derby and Belmont
Parnelli Jones wins 1963 Indianapolis 500
Roger Staubach of Navy wins the Heisman Trophy; Texas wins 1963 NCAA Football Championship
Loyola of Chicago defeats Cincinnati for 1963 NCAA Basketball Championship
Jack Nicklaus wins Masters and PGA, but Arnold Palmer is PGA Tour leader with $128,000 (Julius Boros is player of the year)
Los Angeles Dodgers sweep the New York Yankees in the 1963 World Series
Sandy Koufax and Mickey Wright, LPGA Golfer win athletes of the year
Valeriy Brumel, Soviet high jumper, exceeds 7 foot barrier and is ABC Wide World of Sports Athlete of the Year
Chicago Bears defeat the New York Giants for 1963 NFL championship
Boston Celtics win 1963 NBA Championship
Toronto Maple Leafs defeat Detroit Red Wings for 1963 Stanley Cup
Michigan wins NCAA Championship in Men's Gymnastics under the leadership of Newt Loken
U.S. Postal Service increases postage rates from 4 cents to 5 cents for first ounce
Coca-Cola introduces Tab, Diet 7 Up and Diet Dr. Pepper introduced
Bread is about 22 cents a loaf
Zip Codes begin

Michigan wins Big Ten Championship in Wrestling, finshes 3rd in NCAA with 5 All-Americans including NCAA Champ Jack Barden and finish 9-1 in dual meets

1963 Michigan Football Team finishes 3-4-2 with a win over Big Ten Champ #3 Illinois, 14-8 and a 7-7 tie with #10 Michigan State; Illinois wins the Rose Bowl over Washington

1963 in TV (1962-1963 TV Schedule)

The Outer Limits begins to take over TV airwaves along with other new news: The Fugitive, My Favorite Martian, Petticoat Junction, The Patty Duke Show, The Danny Kaye Show, Let's Make a Deal, Mister Rogers, Wild Kingdom, Burke's Law, The Judy Garland Show, Days of Our Lives and General Hospital

TV Shows that end their runs are: Leave It To Beaver, The Untouchables, Dennis the Menace, The Real McCoy's, Have Gun Will Travel, The Rifleman and The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis