Tappan, Slauson and Forsythe Classes of 1967 begin 10th grade at Ann Arbor High School, there are 3700 students roaming the high school
Soviet astronaut dies during re-entry
Green Bay Packers defeat Kansas City Chiefs in first Super Bowl
St. Louis Cardinals defeat Boston Red Sox in 1967 World Series
Carl Yastrzemski and Billy Jean King are athletes of the year
NHL adds 6 expansion teams: Philadelphia Flyers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Los Angeles Kings, St. Louis Blues, Minnesota North Stars and California Seals
Philadelphia 76er's win 1967 NBA Championship
Mohammed Ali imprisoned and stripped of boxing title due to conscientious objector status
Jack Nicklaus is PGA Player of the Year
Jean Claude-Killy wins 1st Alpine Skiing event
UCLA defeats Dayton for 1967 NCAA Basketball Championship
Gary Beban of UCLA wins Heisman Trophy; USC wins 1967 NCAA Football Championship
Jack Nicklaus wins U.S. Open and is PGA tour leader with $189,000
Proud Clarion wins Kentucky Derby, but Damascus wins Preakness and Belmont
A.J. Foyt wins Indianapolis 500
Michigan State wins NCAA Wrestling Championship, only Michigan team to do so
3 Apollo I astronauts killed in test pad accident
Elvis & Priscilla Presley married
A Man for All Seasons and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf are winners at 1967 Academy Awards
Beatles release Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and Magical Mystery Tour
The Beatles release animated movie, Yellow Submarine
Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Jefferson Airplane, Moody Blues release first albums enhancing surrealistic (drug influence) movement in rock music
The Bee Gees release first album
American Bandstand moves from Black & White to Color TV
Detroit Race riots worst and most violent in U.S. History after H. Rap Brown declares "burn this town"
Other Race Riots in Oakland, San Francisco, Baltimore, Milwaukee, Newark, Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Brooklyn, Harlem and Bronx in New York, Chicago, Seattle,
500,000 U.S. Troops in Vietnam; Daily Scenes of Violence and Death on Daily News
Michigan Daily Editor-In-Chief, Tom Hayden, advocates for legalization of marijuana
First Heart Transplant, Artificial Heart
First ATM in England
Amana introduces first microwave oven
Disney introduces The Jungle Book, top grossing movie of 1967 and The Happiest Millionaire
Don Knotts in The Reluctant Astronaut
James Bond in You Only Live Twice
Jimmy Hoffa begins prison sentence
100 Million Telephones in Service in U.S.
Montreal Exposition opens
Domino’s, Inc. opens first franchise store in Ypsilanti

1967 Michigan Football Team finishes 4-6; #4 Indiana wins Big Ten title, but loses 3-14 to #1 USC in Rose Bowl

Jay Stielstra leaves Ann Arbor Pioneer after the 1966 season to become the new head coach at Huron, and they finish 0-8 in the 1967 season; he became head football coach at Pioneer in 1959 and accumulated a record of 51 wins 12 losses and a tie including a state championship in 1962

6 Day War in Israel

Michigan finishes 2nd to MSU in NCAA Wrestling Championships with 5 All-Americans including NCAA Champ Jim Kamman, and has four individual Big Ten Champions while finishing runner up as a team and have a 10-0 dual meet record. Bob Fehrs becomes 3x Big Ten Champion.

Top Grossing Movies are: Jungle Book, The Graduate, Bonnie & Clyde, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, Dirty Dozen, Valley of the Dolls, You Only Live Twice, To Sir With Love, Thoroughly Modern Millie, and In the Heat of the Night. Other big movies included: Cool Hand Luke, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, The Happiest Millionaire, Hombre, The Happening, In Cold Blood, Taming of the Shrew and Wait Until Dark

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Ann Arbor Old News

26-Jan-67 Ann Arbor 17 inches of snow falls in Ann Arbor
4-Feb-67 5th Dimension Club The Rationals
2-Mar-67 Grammy's Michelle (Lennon & McCartney), Paul McCartney (Eleanor Rigby), The Mama's & The Papa's (Monday, Monday), New Vaudeville Band (Winchester Cathedral), Ray Charles (It's Crying Time) and Frank Sinatra (Strangers in the Night) were winners at the Grammy's
25-Mar-67 5th Dimension Club Scott Richard Case
29-Mar-67 5th Dimension Club Scott Richard Case, The Thyme
1-Apr-67 Hill Auditorium Louis Armstrong
1-Apr-67 n/a Michigan's Wrestling Team finished 2nd in NCAA
1-Apr-67 n/a Jim Kamman wins NCAA Wrestling title at 152 lbs. for Michigan
4-Apr-67 n/a Martin Luther King Jr. denounces Vietnam War
5-Apr-67 5th Dimension Club Scott Richard Case, The Thyme
9-Apr-67 Hill Auditorium The Velvet Underground/Andy Warhol
14-Apr-67 n/a Marches against Vietnam War in San Francisco and New York
15-Apr-67 n/a 400,000 March in New York; 100,000 in San Francisco to protest the Vietnam War
13-May-67 5th Dimension Club The Left Banke
1-Jun-67 Ann Arbor Ann Arbor Class of 1970 finishes Junior High School-9th grade
3-Jun-67 5th Dimension Club Scott Richard Case