January 16: Air Strikes begin in Gulf War with Operation Desert Storm
Dow Jones passes 3,000 mark
Bill Clinton announces candidacy for President
Boris Yeltsin elected President of Russia
August 19: Collapse of Soviet Union; Mikhail Gorbachev is put under house arrest
Soviet Union recognizes independent of Baltic States: Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, KyrgyzstanMoldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan also gain independence from Soviet Union
Clarence Thomas barely elected to Supreme Court after Anita Hill states he sexually harassed her
Thomas “Hit man” Hearns retired after a 61-5-1 record as a pro, winning 5 titles from 147-175 lbs. and 155-8 as an amateur
Magic Johnson announces he has HIV
Cyclone in Bangladesh kills 138,000
Dead Sea Scrolls made public
Iceman found in the Alps
Aileen Wuornos confesses to murdering 6 men
Jeffrey Dahmer is arrested after killing 17 boys and men
August 13: Super Nintendo is released
Michigan courts prohibit Jack Kevorkian assisted suicides
Michael Landon, House on the Prairie, star dies

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