Domino’s, Inc. opens its 1,000th international location
San Francisco 49ers defeat San Diego Chargers in Super Bowl
New Jersey Devils sweep the favored Detroit Red Wings to win the Stanley Cup
September 6: Cal Ripken Jr. breaks Lou Gehrig’s consecutive MLB game streak at 2131
South Africa wins world championship in rugby
February 23: Dow closes at 4,000 and November 21: 5,000 for first time in history
Yahoo is founded
Same gender crush episode on The Jenny Jones Show results in a murder
Forrest Gump wins Best Picture at Academy Awards
April 19: Oklahoma City bombing
Yitzhak Rabin, Israeli Prime Minister and Nobel Peace Prize winner, is assassinated
Christopher Reeve paralyzed from horse riding accident
O.J. Simpson trial and acquittal on October 3
10 people convicted of 1993 World Trade Center bombing
Microsoft releases Windows 95
DVD media format is announced
Howard Cosell, Ginger Rogers, Elizabeth Montgomery, Mickey Mantle, Dean Martin die

1995 Michigan Football Team

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1995 in Literature

1995 Tony Awards

1995 Emmy Awards

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