Tom Monahan retires and sells 93% of Domino’s, Inc. for over $1 billion
J.L. Hudson’s is sold to Marshall Field’s
Hurricane George kills 600 people and caused nearly $6 billion in damage
California implements no smoking law
American Airlines begins to offer electronic ticketing
John Glenn is aboard Space Shuttle Discovery at age 77
Monica Lewinsky scandal with President Clinton; Clinton is impeached
Iraq disarmament crisis
Titanic wins 11 Oscars including Best Picture at 1998 Academy Awards
FDA approves Viagra
Daimler-Chrysler merger
Google is founded
Animal Kingdom opens at Disney World
Ford Motor Co. purchases Volvo
Winter Olympics held in Nagano, Japan; Germany wins 29 medals including 12 golds
Frank Sinatra, Barry Goldwater, Sonny Bono, Harry Caray, Lloyd Bridges, Benjamin Spock, Linda McCartney, Phil Hartman, Roy Rogers, Florence Griffith-Joyner, Flip Wilson die

Who Moved My Cheese? written by Spencer Johnson is published, sells over 26 million books

1998 Michigan Football Team

1998 in Film

1998 in Television

1998 in Literature

1998 Tony Awards

1998 Emmy Awards

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