Republican National Convention nominated George Bush-Dick Cheney
Democratic National Convention nominates Al Gore-Joe Lieberman
Bush-Cheney defeat Gore-Lieberman in controversial Presidential election
Hilary Rodham Clinton is elected to U.S. Senate, the first First Lady elected to public office
Vladimir Putin elected President of Russia
Vicente Fox elected President of Mexico
Supreme Court rules that Microsoft is a monopoly with Windows; release of Windows ME
America Online purchases Time Warner
Summer Olympics is held in Sydney, Australia; USA wins 92 medals including 36 golds
January 14: Dow climbs to 11723, highest mark during dot.com period
Sony launches PlayStation2
Walter Matthau, Steve Reeves die

Dan Brown's novel, Angels and Demons, is published

2000 Michigan Football Team

2000 in Film

2000 in Music

2000 Tony Awards

2000 Emmy Awards

2000 in Literature

Chart Sweep: #1 Songs