Season's biggest disappointments:

Mississippi State, Northwestern, Oregon State, Kansas State, UCLA (after losing DeShaun Foster)

Season's biggest surprises:

Washington State, Fresno State, Maryland, Stanford

Biggest upsets of the season:

Auburn over Florida; Oklahoma State over Oklahoma; Indiana over Wisconsin, Michigan State and Purdue; Fresno State over Colorado, Wisconsin, Oregon State; North Carolina over Florida State; Ball State over Toledo, Penn State over Ohio State, Northwestern; Arkansas over South Carolina, Auburn; North Carolina State over Florida State; Oregon State over Washington; Michigan State over Michigan

Most Exciting Games of the Season:

Arkansas over Mississippi (7 OT); Northwestern over Michigan State; Michigan State over Michigan; Georgia over Tennessee; Penn State over Northwestern, Ohio State; Purdue over Minnesota (OT); Auburn over Louisiana Tech (OT); Maryland over Georgia Tech (OT); Clemson over Georgia Tech (OT); Kansas over Texas Tech (2 OT); Missouri over Oklahoma State (2 OT); Louisiana Tech over Rice (OT); Baylor over New Mexico (2 OT); Fresno State over Colorado State (OT); Hawaii over SMU (2 OT); Virginia over Georgia Tech; Wake Forest over North Carolina; Bowling Green over Northwestern; Hawaii over Miami-Ohio; Akron over Eastern Michigan; Stanford over Notre Dame; Colorado over Texas; BYU over Mississippi State

Most significant games of the year (BCS implications):

Nebraska over Oklahoma, Oklahoma over Texas, Texas over Colorado, Colorado over Nebraska, Oklahoma State over Oklahoma, Washington over Michigan, Michigan over Illinois, Illinois over Ohio State, Ohio State over Michigan, Miami-Florida over Florida State, Miami-Florida over Washington, Miami-Florida over Syracuse, Florida State over Maryland, Auburn over Florida, Stanford over UCLA, Washington State over Stanford, Washington State over UCLA, Oregon over Washington State, Oregon over UCLA, Georgia over Tennessee, Tennessee over South Carolina, Syracuse over Auburn, Georgia Tech over Syracuse, Colorado over Texas A&M, Oklahoma over Texas A&M, Oklahoma over Kansas State, Stanford over Boston College, Florida over South Carolina, Florida over Florida State; Colorado over Texas; Tennessee over Florida; LSU over Auburn

Big Games to Come:

SEC Championship-Tennessee vs. LSU, BYU at Hawaii