Big Games in NCAA Football 2011

Weekend of September 1-5: Week 1
Western Michigan at Michigan
Northwestern at Boston College
Minnesota at USC
South Florida at Notre Dame
Fresno State at California
UCLA at Houston
BYU at Mississippi
Miami-FL at Maryland
Oregon at LSU
Boise State at Georgia
Weekend of September 8-11: Week 2
Notre Dame at Michigan
Arizona at Oklahoma State
Missouri at Arizona State
Iowa at Iowa State
Oregon State at Wisconsin
Mississippi State at Auburn
California at Colorado
Alabama at Penn State
BYU at Texas
Utah at USC
Weekend of September 15-17: Week 3
Eastern Michigan at Michigan
Oklahoma at Florida State
Ohio State at Miami-FL
Auburn at Clemson
Texas at UCLA
Tennessee at Florida
Michigan State at Notre Dame
Washington at Nebraska
Utah at BYU
Arizona State at Illinois
Weekend of September 22-25: Week 4
San Diego State at Michigan
Colorado at Ohio State
Missouri at Oklahoma
Arkansas at Alabama
LSU at West Virginia
Oregon at Arizona
USC at Arizona State
California at Washington
Oklahoma State at Texas A&M
Florida State at Clemson
Weekend of September 29-October 2: Week 5
Minnesota at Michigan
Nebraska at Wisconsin
Alabama at Florida
Michigan State at Ohio State
Northwestern at Illinois
Notre Dame at Purdue
Auburn at South Carolina
Texas A&M vs. Arkansas
Arizona at USC
Clemson at Virginia Tech
Weekend of October 6-9: Week 6
Michigan at Northwestern
California at Oregon
Auburn at Arkansas
Oklahoma at Texas
Iowa at Penn State
Ohio State at Nebraska
Florida at LSU
Air Force at Notre Dame
Texas A&M at Texas Tech
Georgia at Tennessee
Weekend of October 13-16: Week 7
Michigan at Michigan State
USC at California
Florida at Auburn
Northwestern at Iowa
LSU at Tennessee
Oklahoma State at Texas
Alabama at Mississippi
Arizona State at Oregon
Weekend of October 18-23: Week 8
Michigan Bye Week
Oklahoma State at Missouri
USC at Notre Dame
Wisconsin at Michigan State
Auburn at LSU
Penn State at Northwestern
Weekend of October 27-30: Week 9
Purdue at Michigan
Michigan State at Nebraska
Missouri at Texas A&M
Georgia vs. Florida
Stanford at USC
Wisconsin at Ohio State
South Carolina at Tennessee
Weekend of November 1-6: Week 10
Michigan at Iowa
South Carolina at Arkansas
Northwestern at Nebraska
Texas A&M at Oklahoma
Texas Tech at Texas
LSU at Alabama

Weekend of November 8-12: Week 11
Michigan at Illinois
Nebraska at Penn State
Florida at South Carolina
Alabama at Mississippi State
Oregon at Stanford
Miami-FL at Florida State
Auburn at Georgia
Michigan State at Iowa
Texas at Missouri
Tennessee at Arkansas
TCU at Boise State
Weekend of November 15-19: Week 12
Nebraska at Michigan
California at Stanford
Mississippi State at Arkansas
Penn State at Ohio State
Arizona at Arizona State
Boston College at Notre Dame
USC at Oregon
Weekend of November 22-26: Week 13 (Rivalry Week)
Ohio State at Michigan
Texas at Texas A&M
Iowa at Nebraska
Alabama at Auburn
Virginia Tech at Virginia
Oregon State at Oregon
Clemson at South Carolina
Georgia at Georgia Tech
Washington State at Washington
Mississippi at Mississippi State
Florida State at Florida
Weekend of December 1-3: Week 14
Oklahoma at Oklahoma State
ACC Conference Championship
Big 10 Conference Championship
Conference USA Championship
Mid-American Conference Championship
PAC 10 Conference Championship
SEC Conference Championship
Weekend of December 8-10: Week 15
Army vs. Navy
December 17-January 9, 2012
35 Bowl Games 70 of 120 NCAA Division I Teams participate