Big Ten Review (as of October, 2008)
Big TenĀ  Team Big Ten Championships NCAA Championships
Michigan 343 32
Illinois 226 17
Ohio State 181 22
Wisconsin 179 25
Indiana 161 23
Minnesota 149 15
Iowa 103 23
Michigan State 78 19
Chicago 73 1
Northwestern 68 5
Purdue 66 3
Penn State 45 35

Top 5 Big Ten Teams in the NACDA Cup (1993 to 2011)

Michigan 14763.275
Ohio State 13676.40
Penn State 13201.655
Minnesota 11039.00
Wisconsin 10315.30

Michigan Big Ten Medal of Honor

Big Ten Championships Summary

Historical Big Ten Profile of Highest Conference Achievement in each Sport:

Football Michigan Ohio State Minnesota Penn State Michigan 14763.275
Basketball-M Purdue Indiana Wisconsin Illinois Penn State 13201.655
Basketball-W Iowa Ohio State Purdue Penn State Ohio State 13676.40
Wrestling Iowa Michigan Illinois Minnesota Minnesota 11039.00
Softball Michigan Iowa Northwestern Minnesota Wisconsin 10315.30
Baseball Michigan Illinois Minnesota Ohio State Illinois n/a
Ice Hockey Michigan Wisconsin Minnesota Michigan State MSU n/a
Field Hockey Penn State Ohio State Michigan Iowa Iowa n/a
Swimming&Diving-M Michigan Indiana Ohio State Northwestern Indiana n/a
Swimming&Diving-W Michigan Ohio State Minnesota Penn State Purdue n/a
Soccer-M Indiana Penn State Wisconsin Michigan Northwestern n/a
Soccer-W Penn State Minnesota Indiana Wisconsin
Former Sports
Gymnastics-M Penn State Illinois Michigan Ohio State Fencing
Gymnastics-W Michigan Ohio State Minnesota Penn State Ice Hockey
Cross Country-M Wisconsin Indiana Michigan Michigan State
Emerging Sports
Cross Country-W Wisconsin Michigan Indiana Penn State Water Polo
Track & Field-M Michigan Illinois Wisconsin Indiana Lacrosse
Track & Field-W Wisconsin Michigan Illinois Indiana
Volleyball Penn State Wisconsin Illinois Ohio State
Golf-M Ohio State Michigan Purdue Indiana
Golf-W Ohio State Indiana Michigan State Minnesota
Rowing Michigan Michigan State Ohio State Wisconsin
Tennis-M Michigan Illinois Minnesota Northwestern
Tennis-W Indiana Northwestern Michigan Wisconsin