As decade Ends
World Population: 3.7 billion; USA Population: 203 million; Michigan Population: 8.8 million
Political Environment: Vietnam War Protests, Anti-Government, Cold War still exists, Space Race
What's hot for teens: Casual and permissive Sex, Marijuana and other drugs, birth control
Most Popular TV Shows: Mission Impossible, Star Trek, I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched, The Beverly Hillbillies, The Andy Griffith Show/Mayberry RFD, The Flintstones, Game Shows
What's hot in music: Motown, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Acid Rock Groups, albums, etc.
32 African Countries gained independence from European colonial rulers
Life Expectancy:  Males 66.6 years, Females 73.1 years
Average Salary $4,743; Teacher's Salary $5,174
Average Cost of a Car: $3,270

Average Price of Gas: 35 center per gallon

Average Cost of a Home: $15,500

Vietnam War becomes longest (11 years) and most unpopular war in U.S. History; it killed 3 million people with 1 million wounded, 70,000 draft dodgers went mostly to Canada, and over 350% more bombs were unloaded on Vietnam than in World War II