Fads of the 1960's
American Bandstand
Lava Lamps
Hair Ironing
Twister (game)
Motown Sound
Bellbottom Pants
Mood Rings
White gloves
Flower power
Platform Shoes
Counter culture
Nehru jackets
Woodstock Festival
The Smothers Brothers
Men wearing beads
GI Joe
Baby boomer
Klackers. Click Clacks, Klappers, Klik Klaks
The women's movement / Women's lib
The Beatles
Summer of Love
Granny Glasses
LSD usage
Slogan Buttons
Coco Chanel
Oleg Cassini gowns
Hell's Angels
Doll-like makeup
Bubble Chair
Peasant skirts
Black Lights
Macram鍊Sea monkeys
Twist (dance)
Space hopper (kangaroo ball)
Pop art
Hippie beads
The Ed Sullivan Show
Slot Cars
Granny dresses
British Invasion (music)
Sit-in movement
Mini-dress, mini-coat, mini-pants
The mod look
The Mickey Mouse Club
Coloring books for adults
James Bond and spy movies
Tanning cream
Gum wrapper chain
Wide belts
Hip hugger pants
Legalized Marijuana Movement
Bouffant Hairdo
Drive-in theaters
Bouncy ball
Balsa Wood Airplanes
The space program
Frilly shirts
Wearing eyeglasses with no lenses in them.
Beach parties/beach movies
Drive-in theater
Banana Seats on Bicycles
Chinese fire drill
Telstar / Satellites
Unisex clothing
Troll Dolls
The Twist (dance craze)
Fallout Shelters
Ouija Boards
Equal Rights Amendment
Chunky shoes
Bobcat vests
Go-Go boots
Clunky wooden jewelry
Paisley (design)
Ball Chair
Rickie Tickie Stickers
Smiley faces
Bright ties
Leisure suits
Army/Navy surplus
The "Jackie Kennedy look"
Peace sign
Love Beads
A single strand of pearls
Chanel suits
Flower children
Scully (a game with bottle caps)
Peace Symbol
Latin boogaloo
Barbie Dolls
Women wearing long straight hair
Twiggy - boyish figure, cropped hair
Pin-striped jumpsuits