Michigan Wolverine Athletic Directors:

David Brandon

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Bill Martin Assaults Student-Employees

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Academic All-Americans at Michigan

AD History at Michigan

Men's Athletic Director
Martin, Bill 2000-2010 Ellerbe fired and Amaker hired in 2001; Carr Resigns and Rodriquez hired in 2007; Football to be Martin's Legacy; Martin leaves Financial Ties with Michigan; Martin heads Olympic committee; Football stadium to be expanded
Goss, Tom 1997-2000 Former football player from Tennessee helped smooth over issues from scandals, but didn't enjoy working with Lee Bollinger, UM president (1996-2001) and scandal issues with Jamaal Crawford (Ellerbe)
Roberson, Joe 1994-97 Basketball scandal uncovered in 1996 while James Duderstadt was UM president, Fisher forced to resign in 1997 and Ellerbe hired in 1998 after interim coach in 1997/Former Michigan wrestling coach, Rick Bay, hires Fisher at San Diego State and he's signed through 2009/Moeller scandal forced to resign in 1994 and went on to coach professionally with the Chicago Bears, Cincinnati Bengals, Jacksonville Jaguars and Head Coach with the Detroit Lions; 31 years of UM service
Weidenbach, Jack 1990-94 Chris Webber, leader of the "Fab Five" recruited by Coach Fisher leads Michigan to two Final Four appearances as NCAA runner-up, Ed Martin pays Michigan basketball players over $600,000 from 1992-1996; 27 years of UM service
Schembechler, Bo 1988-90 1st NCAA Basketball Championship led by Glen Rice; Steve Fisher hired by Bo in 1989 and Gary Moeller hired in 1990; Bo also responsible for hiring of Bud Middaugh; 21 years of UM service and Detroit Tigers President 1990-92
Canham, Don 1968-88 Bill Frieder hired in 1981; recruits All-Americans Gary Grant, Rumeal Robinson, Terry Mills and Glen Rice; 41 years of UM service
Crisler, Fritz 1941-68 Designed winged helmet in 1938; 30 years of UM service, The Man Who Changed Football
Yost, Fielding 1921-41 41 years of UM service from 1901; Founding Father of Michigan Athletics
Women's Athletics at Michigan
Phyllis Ocker-29 years of UM service/1st Women's AD
Former Michigan Wolverine Athletic Personnel who became Athletic Directors elsewhere:
Ernie McCoy-Miami-FL
Bump Elliott-Iowa
Rick Bay-Ohio State, San Diego State, Oregon, Minnesota, New York Yankees and Cleveland Indians
Bob DeCarolis-Oregon State
Fritz Seyferth
Brad Bates-Miami-OH
Forest Evashevski-Iowa
  Megan McAllister

Peggy Bradley-Doppes

University of Michigan People in the NACDA Athletic Director Hall of Fame

Rick Bay

Don Canham

Fritz Crisler

George Little

Ernie McCoy

Bill Orwig

Tad Wieman