Contract Details

Who will replace Lloyd Carr???
Top Michigan Candidates-2008 Team Interviewed
Cameron, Cam Miami Dolphins
Campbell, Erik Michigan
DeBord, Mike Michigan Yes
English, Ron Michigan Yes
Harbaugh, Jim Stanford Brother, John, to interview at UCLA
Herrmann, Jim New York Jets
Hoke, Brady Ball State Yes
Jackson, Fred Michigan
Malone, Terry New Orleans Saints
Trgovac, Mike Carolina Panthers

DeBord to Seattle Seahawks

Bedford to Florida

Campbell to Iowa

Carr to Associate Athletic Director at Michigan

English to Louisville

Jackson stays on at Michigan

Loeffler to Detroit Lions

Moeller to Baltimore Ravens

Stripling to ???

Szabo to Colgate

Moeller in trouble

Comparison of Coaching Contracts

College Football Coaching Salaries 2007

Next on Martin's List???

Miles decides to stay at LSU

Who will Miles retain on his staff vs. Michigan's Current Staff???

Bill Martin gets permission to interview Les Miles

John Wangler, Miles best friend, says he wants to be Michigan's Head Coach

English, DeBord Interview for Michigan Head Football Coach

Fred Jackson is a candidate for Duke job

Coaches Salaries

Video on Carr's Retirement Speech

Lloyd Carr retirement watch

Carr has shot to go out on top

Carr tackles Rumors


Harbaugh bothered by criticism

Harbaugh defends himself

True Blue criticize Harbaugh

Other head or assistant coaching possibilities:

Coaches in NCAA, NFL, CFL

Erick and Kurt Anderson

Teryl Austin-Arizona Cardinals

Vance Bedford-Michigan, now Florida

Dave Brown-Texas Tech-died on January 10

Corwin Brown-Notre Dame

Jerry Burns

Jason Carr

Kit Cartwright-Offensive Coordinator, Winnepeg Blue Bombers

Bob Elliot-San Diego State (Assistant Head Coach)

Mike Elston-Cincinnati

Harold Goodwin

John Harbaugh-Philadelphia Eagles-Baltimore Ravens

Mike Hankwitz-Colorado, Wisconsin and Northwestern

Bill Harris, Stanford, Eastern Michigan

Chuck Heater-Florida/Washington

Mike Holloway-Ohio Wesleyan

Jed Hughes-Ex-Pittsburgh Steelers

Curt Mallory-Illinois

Doug Mallory-LSU

Mike Mallory-Kansas

Greg Mattison-Florida

John McNulty-Rutgers

John Milligan

Tom Reed-Ex-North Carolina State

Bill Sheridan-NY Giants

Ron Simpkins-Detroit Western

Larry Smith-Ex-Missouri-Died January, 2008

Chuck Stobart-Ohio State

Jon Tenuta-Georgia Tech--Notre Dame

Elliott Uzelac-Maryland

Ron Vanderlinden-Penn State

Tyrone Wheatley-Michigan (volunteer assistant track coach)

How about these possibilities?
Michigan Coaching Staff: Scenario 1-5 former Captains comprise 10 staff Coaching Assignment Scenario 2: Former Assistant Coach with Head Coaching experience
Harbaugh, Jim (86) Head Coach Miles, Les (76)-coached 1980-81, 87-94
Running Backs Wheatley, Tyrone (95) or Jerald Ingram (83) n/a
Defensive Coordinator Corwin Brown (94) n/a
Tight Ends Mallory, Curt (92) n/a
Offensive Line Moeller, Andy (86) n/a
Defensive Line Trgovac, Mike (80) n/a
Linebackers Mallory, Mike (84-85) or Steve Morrison (94) n/a
Defensive Backs Mallory, Doug (87) n/a
Harbaugh, John Special Teams/Recruiting Heater, Chuck (74) n/a
Wide Receivers/Offensive Coordinator Campbell, Erik (87) n/a

Scenario 3:

Head Coach: Doug Mallory

Offensive Coordinator:

Wide Receivers Coach: Erik Campbell

Quarterbacks: Scott Loeffler

Running Backs: Fred Jackson

Offensive Line: Andy Moeller

Tight Ends/Recruiting: Curt Mallory

Defensive Line: Steve Stripling

Linebackers: Mike Mallory

Defensive Backs: Vance Bedford

Defensive Coordinator: Ron English

Scenario 4:

First Black Head Coach at Michigan:

Ron English or Fred Jackson

Michigan Head Football Coaches

Michigan Assistant Football Coaches

Michigan Coaching Awards

Michigan Coaching Salaries

Shake Up Coming for 2006

Motown Revival


Jim Carty

Black Coaches

Gill and Prince make 5 of 119 (Croom, Dorrell and Willingham)

Colorado ignores Black Coaching Candidates

Racial Discrimination in the NFL