Michigan Football Scholarship Situation-December 24, 2002

2003-2004 SEASON

Offensive Linemen (20)
Baas, David (Starter-Left Guard; 1st Team All Big Ten)
Berishaj, Tom (Redshirt)
Bihl, Mark (Redshirt; will he move to defensive line?)
Christopfel, Andy (Backup-Center)
Ealey, Kyle (Possible Backup at Left Tackle)
Gaston, Jeff (Will he return ?)
Henige. Leo (Backup-Right Guard)
Kolodziej, Mike (Redshirt)
Kraus, Adam (Recruit)
Lentz, Matt (Starter-Right Guard)
Long, Jake (Recruit)
Morgan, Courtney (Backup-Right Tackle)
Pape, Tony (Starter-Right Tackle; 1st Team All Big Ten)
Pearson, Dave (Starter-Center)
Riley, Rueben (Redshirt-Will he move to Defense?)
Sharrow, Pat (Recruit)
Solomon, Demetrius (Backup-Right Tackle)-Will he return?
Stenavich, Adam (Starter-Left Tackle)
Simelis, Dan (Benchwarmer)-Will he return?
Zuttah, Jeff (Recruit-January, 2003 enrollee)

Potential Recruit: Mike Jones (January 25th visit-Notre Dame/Iowa-Zuttah may have taken his offer)

Walk-ons: Derek Bell, Turner Booth (Long Snapper), Andrew King (Long Snapper), Ross Mann (Long Snapper), David Schoonover, Ron Willis, etc.

Running Backs (8)
Bracken, Tim (Backup-Tailback)
Campbell, Anton (Recruit-Tailback or Defensive Back)
Dudley, Kevin (Backup-Fullback)
Hood, Darnell (Redshirt, will he move to defensive backfield ?)
Perry, Chris (Starter-Tailback)
Rembert, Pierre (Redshirt-Tailback)
Sanderson, Sean (Starter-Fullback)
Underwood, David (Will he switch to Fullback ?)

Potential Tailback Recruits: LenDale White (December 6th visit-Colorado/Oregon/USC-Announcement December 26th), Jerome Jackson (December 6th visit-MSU/Oklahoma/Minnesota), Lynell Hamilton (December 6th visit-Colorado/Oregon/Arizona), Tony Hunt (December 13th visit-USC); Potential Fullback Recruits: Calvin Hall, Erwin Battle-Baldwin, Lennox Whitworth, Ashton White, etc.

Walk-ons: Alijah Bradley, Brent Cummings (Wild Card: Will Kelly Baraka return?)

Quarterbacks (5)
Brinton, Spencer (Backup)-Will he return?
Gutierrez, Matt (Redshirt)
Keller, Sam (Recruit)
Navarre, John (Starter)
Richard, Clayton (Recruit)

Potential Walk-ons: Jeff Terrell, Ryan Rowland, etc. (Wild Card: Tyler Palko-transfer? QB or Safety)

Walk-ons: Mike Carl, Jeff Kastl, Matt Wilde

Tight Ends (8)
Brackins, Phil (Will he return?)
Ecker, Tyler (Potential Starter)
Fisher, Jim (Backup)
Massaquoi, Tim (Potential Starter)
Mignery, Andy (Will he return?)
Murphy, Kevin (Redshirt)
Paul, Will (Recruit)-Will he play on offense or defense?
Spytek, David (Benchwarmer)

Potential Recruit: Greg Olsen (January 10th visit-Notre Dame)

Walk-ons: Mike Mandich, Matt Studenski

Wide Receivers (7)
Avant, Jason (Starter)
Bell, Calvin (Backup)
Breaston, Steve (Redshirt)
Butler, Tyrece (Backup)
Edwards, Braylon (Starter; 2nd Team All Big 10)
Gonzalez, Jermaine (Backup)
Tabb, Carl (Redshirt)

Potential Recruits: Steve Smith (Will he reschedule visit in January ?-USC), Antonio Cromartie (January 10th visit-Florida/Florida State), etc.

Walk-ons: Ross Kesler, Brian Lafer, Chris Matsos, Andy Stejskal, Nick Upchurch

Defensive Linemen (11)
Biggs, Rondell (Redshirt)
Bowman, Grant (Backup-Nose Tackle; Honorable Mention-All Big 10)
Harrison, Larry (Redshirt)
Heuer, Norm (Starter)
Kashama, Alain (Backup-Anchor End)
Massey, Pat (Backup-Tackle)
Orr, Shantee (Starter-Rush End)

Ofili, Alex (Benchwarmer)
Stevens, Larry (Starter-Anchor End)
Watson, Gabe (Starter-Nose Tackle)

Woods, Pierre (Backup-Rush End)

Potential Recruits: Shawn Crable (December 13th visit-Ohio State), Turk McBride (January 10th visit-Iowa), Kirston Pittman (December 6th visit-LSU), Romeo Travis, Tim Smith, Joe Graham, etc.

Walk-ons: None

Linebackers (13)
Diggs, Carl (Starter-MIKE-ILB)
Harris, Dave (Redshirt)
Kaufman, Zach (Starter-WILL-ILB)
Manning, Roy (Starter-SAM-OLB)
McClintock, Scott (Backup-MIKE-ILB)

Oluigbo, Obi (Redshirt)
Presley, Jim (Recruit)
Reid, Lawrence (Will he be able to play again? Blood Clots)
Sarantos, Joe (Backup-WILL-ILB)
Spytek, John (Will he return?)
Thompson, Brian (Redshirt)
Van Alstyne, Jeremy (Will he move to DE-Anchor?)
Wells, Kolby (Will he return?)

Potential Recruits: Lamarr Woodley (December 6th visit-USC/Oklahoma), Fred Sparkman (December 13th visit-North Carolina), Jeff Jansen, Garry Lovely, Stuart Reid, Brian Banks, etc.

Walk-ons: Jon Borden, Joe Leoni, Jeremy Read, Paul Sarantos (Redshirt), etc.

Defensive Backs (10)
Barringer, Willis (Redshirt)
Curry, Markus (Backup-Short Side)
Hall, Leon (Recruit)
Jackson, Marlin (Starter-Wide Side; 1st Team All Big 10)
LeSueur, Jeremy (Starter-Short Side)

McCoy, Quinton (Will he be eligible to enroll January, 2003; compete in Spring?)
Mundy, Ryan (Recruit)
Shaw, Jon (Starter-Free Safety)
Shazor, Earnest (Starter-Strong Safety)

Stewart, Jacob (Backup-Strong Safety)

Potential Recruits: Prescott Burgess (December 13th visit-Ohio State), Ryan Patterson (JC Transfer-January 10th visit), Mark Catlin, Darren Paige, C.J. Wallace, etc. (Wild Card: Tyler Palko-transfer?)

Walk-ons: Dan Cornwell, Matt Kernan, B.J. Opong-Owusu, Charles Young

Kickers/Punters (2)
Finley, Adam (Starting Punter and Placekicker; 2nd Team All Big 10)
Rivas, Garrett (Recruit)

Walk-ons: James Bloomsbaugh, Phil Brabbs (Kickoffs), Craig Moore, Troy Nienberg, Luke Perl, Mark Spencer (Brett Holicki, Erik Ledbetter and/or Alex Reyes ???)

Total 84-48 on Offense/36 on Defense; the maximum NCAA Division I standard is 85 so this leaves us with 1 depending on the status of players who may not stay for a 5th year or players! We can oversign by 3 so this means 1-4 more scholarship offers plus the 12 that have already accepted offers unless some 5th year seniors or other players don't return.

Players leaving after 2003-2004 season unless they don't stay for their 5th year (20)

Bell, Calvin
Bowman, Grant (5th)
Brackins, Phil (5th)-Will he return ???
Brinton, Spencer (5th)-Will he return ???
Butler, Tyrece (5th)
Diggs, Carl (5th)
Heuer, Norm (5th)
Kashama, Alain
Kaufman, Zach
LeSueur, Jeremy (5th)
Mingery, Andy (5th)-Will he return ???
Morgan, Courtney (5th)
Navarre, John (5th)
Orr, Shantee
Pape, Tony (5th)
Pearson, Dave (5th)
Shaw, Jon (5th)
Solomon, Demetrius (5th)-Will he return ???
Spytek, John (5th)-Will he return ???
Stevens, Larry

5 more here give us 6-9 more scholarships!!!

Walk-on Seniors: Jon Borden, Brent Cummings, Troy Nienberg and Nick Upchurch!