Wow, what an absolutely gorgeous day! It was hot for the players, but phenomenal for the fans. You simply can't beat this Michigan weather. The offense was in blue and defense in white. The scrimmage began close to 1:30 p.m. after stretching drills, situation drills continued straight until about 3:18 p.m. The most popular drill was the "Michigan drill." This is where two players line up, and while one blocks, the other attempts to fight off the block to tackle a ball carrier off the left or right side. I counted 9 scenarios with the best effort on defense from Alan Branch fighting off a block by Alex Mitchell to stuff Michael Hart. The first team defense showed some new faces including Dave Harris, Tim Jamison and Brandent Engelmon. The "nickel" back was Charles Stewart. The most disappointing drill of the day was the field goal kickers where five place kickers missed many kicks, I believe they were only 9 or 10 for 20 attempts. The final drill of the day was the two point drill with quarterbacks coach, Scot Loeffler, throwing complete to an open Lloyd Carr in the end zone. Carr hurt his back, but is expected back tomorrow.


Chad Henne looked good at times, but he also made some bad throws and poor decisions. He also had a few fumbled snaps. Lloyd Carr commented on how much stronger he is especially in the hips and legs, and this appears to be true. Matt Gutierrez does have good arm strength, and hopefully will be strong after Summer 7 on 7 drills to compete with Henne. Depth at this position will be a serious problem if Richard doesn't return for Fall.

Henne, Chad 7 QB 1 So. 6'2" 225 Starter 4.6 n/a 270 n/a 3.5
Gutierrez, Matt 12 QB 2 Jr. 6'4" 232 Backup 4.82 33" n/a 1070 3.3
Richard, Clayton 10 QB 3 So. 6'4" 225 Backup 4.7 n/a 315 1340 4
Forcier, Jason n/a QB 4 Fr. 6'2.5" 205 Recruit 4.57 33" n/a 1080 3
Kastl, Jeff 13 QB 5 Jr. 6'3" 223 Walk-on n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Wilde, Matt 8 QB 6 Jr. 6'2" 195 Walk-on n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a


Since Brian Thompson and Ryan Allison weren't able to participate, Obi Oluigbo has had a chance to be the #1 guy. Lloyd Carr expressed some concerns about his ability as a pass catcher in the interview after the practice so while he may be a decent blocker, he has big shoes to fill with Dudley leaving. I'm a bit concerned about this position because Carr also mentioned that an unnamed player (Allison) may not return for Fall because of nerve damage; we know that he earlier mentioned Allison as having nerve damage in his neck late in the Fall. This may give Criswell and/or Simpson an early opportunity for playing time, but it might also change the scheme of the Michigan offense as well since we may not have a true H-Back. He even mentioned Mike Massey as playing an important role in the Michigan offense with the possible H-Back scheme.
Oluigbo, Obi 40 FB-H Back 1 Jr. 6'0" 237 Starter n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Thompson, Brian 35 FB-H Back 2 Jr. 6'2" 230 Backup 4.65 n/a n/a 21 3.4
Allison, Roger 43 FB-H Back 3 Fr. 6'1" 233 Redshirt 4.54 32" 400 25 3.4
Simpson, Mister n/a FB-H Back 4 Fr. 5'10" 195 Recruit 4.55 35.8" 375 n/a 3.5
Criswell, Andre n/a FB-H Back 5 Fr. 6'3" 240 Recruit n/a n/a n/a n/a 2.9
Van Beek, Eric 49 FB-H Back 6 Fr. 6'0" 208 Walk-on n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a


We are in solid shape her. Hart, Martin and Grady can all play at a high level. They can all block, run and catch. Carr said that Grady had an elbow injury towards the end of Spring practice, but he expects him to contribute in the Fall. I don't see Jerome Jackson getting much playing time at all at 4th back, but it is nice to have a solid back available just in case. Bradley didn't dress for the Spring game.
Hart, Mike 20 TB 1 So. 5'9" 192 Starter 4.4 n/a 300 1080 3.75
Martin, Max 23 TB 2 Fr. 6'1" 215 Backup 4.45 n/a 400 24/1070 2.5
Grady, Kevin 3 TB 3 Fr. 5'11" 228 Recruit 4.48 n/a 350 n/a 2.7
Jackson, Jerome 24 TB 4 Jr. 5'11" 200 Backup 4.45 n/a 315 n/a n/a
Bradley, Alijah 26 TB 5 Jr. 5'6" 170 Walk-on n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Eldridge, Jason 44 TB 6 Sr. 5'8" 180 Walk-on n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Hamel, Scott 33 TB 7 Sr. 5'10" 207 Walk-on n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a


We are in good shape here with Steve Breaston as one of the truly exciting players in NCAA football, and the emergence of Doug Dutch as backup. What surpised me was that even though Morgan Trent is now the backup short side cornerback, he was still playing flanker on offense during the scrimmage. He is definitely a solid athlete and fast. When Manningham comes in this Summer for 7 on 7 drills, we'll be in excellent shape for Fall with three solid contributors here.
Breaston, Steve 15 FL 1 Jr. 6'1" 179 Starter 4.4 n/a n/a 890 3.2
Dutch, Doug 81 FL 2 Fr. 5"10" 195 Redshirt 4.3 n/a 330 1000 3.8
Manningham, Mario n/a FL 3 Fr. 6'0" 180 Recruit 4.4 n/a n/a n/a 3.2
Smith, Landon 12 FL 4 Jr. 5'8" 167 Walk-on n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Jordan, Tyrone 15 FL 5 Fr. 5'10" 186 Walk-on n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a

Wide Receiver

We all know Jason Avant is a solid player, and he'll start. He didn't need to show his stuff during the scrimmage. What we all know is that even though Jason Avant is a solid player, he's not in the same league as Braylon Edwards. He'll catch 3-5 passes every game and give us solid downfield blocking, but I'm not sure if he'll be a "go to" guy like we've had in the past giving us 10-12 catches when needed a la Braylon, David Terrell, Marquise Walker, etc. On the bright side, it was a pleasant surprise to see Carl Tabb make some nice catches and accelerate the way we've all hoped we'd see. It was unfortunate that he didn't contribute this past Fall with no catches in 2004. Adrian Arrington is awfully slender, especially in the hips and legs. He did a nice job in the Michigan drill blocking. Lloyd Carr mentioned he had a hamstring pull during Spring drills. Keston Cheathem looks like he may contribute, but I'm hoping we don't need one of the freshman, Bass, Manningham or Savoy, to step up too quickly; otherwise, we'll be in trouble in the 4th quarter with the game on the line. I'm holding my breath here.
Avant, Jason 8 WR 1 Sr. 6'1" 210 Starter 4.4 39" 300 17 2.9
Tabb, Carl 17 WR 2 Jr. 6'2" 192 Backup 4.3 42" 245 24 3.8
Arrington, Adrian 16 WR 3 So. 6'3" 184 Backup 4.46 n/a 225 n/a 3.43
Cheathem, Keston 33 WR 4 Fr. 6'1" 181 Redshirt 4.55 n/a n/a 820 3.2
Bass, Antonio n/a WR 5 Fr. 6'1" 190 Recruit 4.4 n/a 355 21 3
Savoy, Laterryal 82 WR 5 Fr. 6'2" 195 Recruit 4.59 37" 300 15 2.8
Matsos, Chris 80 WR 7 Sr. 6'0" 219 Walk-on n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Cischke, Brad 45 WR 8 Sr. 6'4" 201 Walk-on n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Wright, Ben 18 WR 9 So. 5'8" 182 Walk-on n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a

Tight End

I think we have three good players here: Tim Massaquoi, Tyler Ecker and Mike Massey. We'll get good blocking and solid pass catching from these athletes and at this position. Kevin Murphy did not participate in Spring drills. Carson Butler will probably redshirt unless injuries occur at this position.
Massaquoi, Tim 88 TE 1 Sr. 6'4" 248 Starter 4.5 38" 255 810 2.5
Ecker, Tyler 89 TE 2 Jr. 6'6" 247 Backup 4.52 n/a 270 21 3.5
Massey, Mike 85 TE 3 Fr. 6'3" 232 Redshirt 4.7 n/a 285 980 2.5
Murphy, Kevin 84 TE 4 Jr. 6'5" 255 Backup 4.65 n/a 375 n/a 3.1
Butler, Carson n/a TE 5 Fr. 6'6" 235 Recruit 4.6 n/a n/a n/a 2.9


Even though it is apparent that Ruben Riley is the new starter here, he played a lot of left tackle during the two minute drills while Mark Bihl was snapping the ball. I doubt if Bihl will be a factor here in the Fall. I think Riley and Kraus will see the most playing time although Kraus didn't participate in Spring drills. Henige or Stenavich could also move over if needed.
2005 MICHIGAN Football Player # Position Depth Class Height Weight Status 40 yd. Dash Vertical Jump Bench Press Max. ACT-composite or SAT I-total GPA
Riley, Rueben 72 C 1 Jr. 6'3" 304 Starter 4.95 32" 455 19 3.55
Kraus, Adam 83 C 2 So. 6'6" 311 Backup 4.9 29" 300 25 2.7
Ciulla, Jeremy 70 C 3 Fr. 6'4" 305 Redshirt 5 n/a 325 1100 3.6
Bihl, Mark 54 C 4 Jr. 6'4" 297 Backup 4.84 36" 340 19 3.7
McAvoy, Tim n/a C 5 Fr. 6'6" 260 Recruit 4.8 n/a n/a 24 3.3
Moosman, David n/a C 5 Fr. 6'3" 260 Recruit 5.3 n/a 360 27 2.9

Right Guard

Matt Lentz is the incumbent here beginning his third year as starter. It looks like Ciulla is backing him up, but Henige could move over as first backup as he's done the past two years until injured.
Lentz, Matt 67 RG 1 Sr. 6'6" 305 Starter 5.2 n/a 375 n/a n/a
Ciulla, Jeremy 70 RG 2 Fr. 6'4" 305 Redshirt 5 n/a 325 1100 3.6
Schifano, Justin n/a RG 2 Fr. 6'4" 295 Recruit 5.07 n/a 400 1220 3.5
Lyall, Patrick 60 RG 3 Fr. 6'0" 289 Walk-on n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a

Right Tackle

Jake Long didn't dress, but we all know the Frosh All-American will be back and have a solid year. Perhaps I wasn't watching enough, but I didn't see much of Brett Gallimore working in the drills. We all know that if Kolodziej doesn't start at left tackle, he'll start here. Stenavich played some at Right Tackle as he did last Fall when we needed him to.
Long, Jake 77 RT 1 So. 6'7" 338 Starter 5 n/a 380 n/a 2.9
Gallimore, Brett 74 RT 2 Fr. 6'4" 302 Redshirt 5.1 24" 350 n/a 2.7
Zirbel, Cory n/a RT 3 Fr. 6'6" 290 Recruit 5.1 n/a 365 19 3.1

Left Guard

I think when it's all said and done, Stenavich will move from Left Tackle to Left Guard so Kolodziej may start. It will be Stenavich over Henige in my opinion. Henige looked good in the Spring drills. His knee looks healed enough to be a significant contributor in our offensive line. In watching the linemen, DeBenedictis looks a little slow and he's not nearly as strong as some of the others.
Stenavich, Adam 79 LG 1 Sr. 6'5" 317 Starter 5 n/a 320 26 3.9
Henige, Leo 65 LG 2 Sr. 6'4" 339 Backup 5.2 n/a 375 n/a n/a
DeBenedictis, Grant 64 LG 3 Fr. 6'5" 308 Redshirt 4.93 n/a 330 31/1370 3.75
Schoonover, Dave 69 LG 4 Sr. 6'3" 297 Walk-on n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Saigh, Jon 62 LG 5 Fr. 6'5" 287 Walk-on n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a

Left Tackle

Kolodziej is huge and very well built; he is an athlete and it will be hard to keep him off the field another year. I think Mitchell looks like a solid player as well, and he'll contribute at tackle, guard or even center. Carr discussed that they moved him over to center at times, and that he has really worked hard to keep his weight under control while gaining strength and improving overall conditioning.
Kolodziej, Mike 76 LT 1 Jr. 6'7" 328 Starter 4.95 n/a 320 20 3.7
Mitchell, Alex 73 LT 2 Fr. 6'5" 319 Redshirt 5.1 24" 405 21 3.4
Ortmann, Mark n/a LT 3 Fr. 6'6" 270 Recruit 5.06 n/a 350 1130 3.9

Offensive Line

Left Tackle Left Guard Center Right Guard Right Tackle
Kolodziej Stenavich Riley Lentz Long
Stenavich Henige Kraus Henige Stenavich
Mitchell Mitchell/Kraus Henige Mitchell/Kraus Kolodziej
Riley/Bihl DeBenedictis Bihl/Ciulla Ciulla Gallimore

Overall Offense

We should be pretty solid. I think we'll be difficult to stop, and most defenses will have a challenge to keep us under 200 yards per game rushing with Hart, Martin and Grady running behind an offensive line that is athletic, quick, fast and strong as this one averaging close to 320 lbs. per man. We'll use more receiver including the tight ends and Breaston more. Don't expect the "alley oop" over the defensive back in the end zone! We'll need to be more creative in the red zone as was evident when our two minute drill failed with a pick. Chad Henne won't have the great receiver making him look good every game so he'll have to adjust and raise his level to outwit the defense. I think this offense is capable of scoring 30 points a game as we did last year, but we'll definitely need work on our red zone offense. We know the screens to Hart and reverses to Breaston are there when we're in the right game situation to make them work. Our ability to run the ball will be the difference this year; I simply don't see teams stopping our running game.

Defensive End-Weak Side

Pierre Woods looks good, and hopefully he'll be able to stay away from the injuries that have slowed him down. Tim Jamison played quite a bit of the scrimmage with the first team, and he may unseat Woods as the starter. Although no annoucement has been made yet on Germany, if he's available, he could also be a factor here.
Jamison, Tim 90 DE-weak 1 Fr. 6'3" 250 Redshirt 4.7 n/a 300 n/a 2.6
Woods, Pierre 99 DE-weak 2 Sr. 6'5" 247 Backup 4.68 30" 225 n/a n/a
Germany, Eugene n/a DE-weak 3 Fr. 6'4" 250 Recruit 4.65 n/a n/a 940 2.4

Defensive End-Strong Side

Lamar Woodley will be first team All-Big Ten and probable All-American candidate. He is simply awesome and will be a force that can contribute to turning a game around. Look for him to have a "huge" season. Van Alstyne didn't dress, but if he's able to return at full speed, he'll give us solid pass rushing ability. Will Paul may also see playing time here, but Woodley doesn't sit much so my prediction is that Woodley and Van Alstyne will log most of the playing time. I'd expect our defensive ends to contribute significantly in the sack area this season along with tipped passes.
Woodley, Lamarr 56 DE-strong 1 Jr. 6'2" 268 Starter 4.5 29" 325 16 2.8
Van Alstyne, Jeremy 50 DE-strong 2 Jr. 6'4" 262 Backup 4.78 n/a 350 1050 3.5
Paul, Will 92 DE-strong 3 So. 6'3" 264 Backup 4.6 n/a 340 20 3.3
McKinney, James n/a DE-strong 4 Fr. 6'1.5" 274 Recruit 4.94 24.5" n/a 17 2.7
Sarantos, Paul 66 DE-strong 5 Jr. 6'3" 261 Walk-on 4.57 n/a 300 33/1470 3.8

Defensive Tackle-Nose Guard

Gabe Watson is still a monster, quick and dominating every center in his way. He will surely be a first team All Big Ten and possible All-American candidate, and a definite top NFL draft choice in 2006. While Marques Walton looked good as his backup, I'd expect Marques Slocum and Terry Taylor to vie for immediate playing time as freshman in the Fall. Slocum has yet to qualify, but he and Taylor already have the strength and quickness to participate in NCAA-Division I football.
Watson, Gabe 78 NG 1 Sr. 6'4" 331 Starter 4.9 25" 435 17 3.3
Walton, Marques 95 NG 2 Fr. 6'0" 280 Redshirt 4.9 30" 405 25 2.5
Slocum, Marques n/a NG 3 Fr. 6'6" 330 Recruit 5.09 n/a 335 n/a n/a
Taylor, Terry n/a NG 4 Fr. 6'1" 285 Recruit 4.9 n/a 550 20 2.8

Defensive Tackle-Weak Side

Pat Massey will be the starter for the third year, and he'll be solid. I predict that he'll start against Notre Dame, but I'll also predict that Alan Branch will unseat him as the starter by the Ohio State game. Branch is a huge force, and has athletic skills far beyond any defensive tackle at Michigan since All-Pro Tom Keating in the 1960s. Rondell Biggs was playing tackle rather than end. He is quick and athletic, but not nearly as big, strong and athletic as Branch. One of the disappointments of the spring scrimmage was noticing that Will Johnson was hobbling on a bad knee, and he began the drills, but had to stop due to the knee problem.
Massey, Pat 94 DT 1 Sr. 6'8" 284 Starter 4.7 36" 300 n/a n/a
Branch, Alan 80 DT 2 So. 6'6" 323 Backup 5 n/a 355 n/a n/a
Biggs, Rondell 91 DT 3 Jr. 6'2" 278 Backup 4.7 n/a 330 n/a n/a
Johnson, Will 97 DT 3 Fr. 6'4" 287 Redshirt 4.7 28" 425 18 3.8
Hull, David 53 DT 4 So. 6'1" 261 Walk-on n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a


Prescott Burgess is going to be one of the better linebackers to play at Michigan. He is an incredible athlete. He'll definitely give us mobility, great coverage underneath and blitz capabilities. He'll definitely be playing someday on Sundays for some NFL team. Crable gives us a solid backup player, he is very quick and fast. I don't think he has the leg or hip strength to ward off blockers though in the run schemes. I'm not sure he'll be the player we had all hoped for; I expected him to be a three year starter for sure. Chris McLaurin is an unknown because he may be expected to contribute early if we have linebacking injuries; he could redshirt or be thrust into action early.
Burgess, Prescott 6 OLB-SAM 1 Jr. 6'3" 236 Starter 4.55 n/a n/a 17 2.9
Crable, Shawn 2 OLB-SAM 2 So. 6'5" 247 Backup 4.5 n/a 345 n/a 2.8
McLaurin, Chris n/a OLB-SAM 3 Fr. 6'4" 222 Recruit 4.6 29" n/a n/a 3.6


David Harris worked with the first unit while Scott McClintock was with the second unit until he was injured; then, John Thompson came in and had a pick during the drills. Thompson is pretty athletic and could play either MIKE or WILL; I would have to say I was pleasantly surprised by his athleticism. He covered well, had a tipped pass and a pick. We are thin at this position, and if we have more injuries, we could really be in trouble here. Both Harris and Graham offer a great opportunity on the blitz package for sacks, and disruption of offensive plays.
Harris, Dave 45 ILB-MIKE 1 Jr. 6'2" 246 Starter 4.65 n/a 355 20 2.4
McClintock, Scott 36 ILB-MIKE 1 Sr. 6'2" 246 Backup 4.55 32" 345 960 2.8
Thompson, John 43 ILB-MIKE 3 Fr. 6'0" 229 Redshirt 4.55 n/a 410 17 3.2
Moore, Dan 28 ILB-MIKE 4 Jr. 6'0" 226 Walk-on n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a


Chris Graham looked simply outstanding. He is "cat-quick" and as fast as any linebacker I've seen at Michigan. Unfortunately, since the defense couldn't tackle, I'm still suspect about his tackling ability. He looks like the type of linebacker that will get to the ball, and possibly overrun the play because of his speed and quickness (not to mention the lack of experience). His backup, Jacob Stewart, didn't dress or participate in the drills so I'm really concerned about the depth at inside linebacker over a tough twelve game season. We could really be in trouble if one of these players in unavailable due to injury or whatever.
Graham, Chris 37 ILB-WILL 1 So. 5'11" 225 Starter 4.4 31" 360 600 2.1
Stewart, Jacob 28 ILB-WILL 2 Sr. 6'0" 225 Backup 4.46 n/a 305 n/a 3.1
Logan, Brandon n/a ILB-WILL 3 Fr. 6'0" 210 Recruit 4.5 26" 325 17 2.5
Pollack, Max 97 ILB-WILL 4 Jr. 6'1" 223 Walk-on n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Cartwright, Chip 15 ILB-WILL 5 Sr. 6'1" 232 Walk-on n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a

Cornerback-Wide Side

Leon Hall is outstanding and had a couple picks in the drills. I'm not sure if he'll be as good as Marlin Jackson and achieve 1st team All Big Ten and/or All American, but I'd be willing vote or bet he will and that includes playing in the NFL someday. I think we have an oustanding defensive backs coach in Ron English, and he is developing players like Hall well. We have found a solid backup in Charles Stewart, he'll be our 5th back in for "nickel" situations. He is a good athlete, and only lacks experience. In the one on one drill, he tripped, but a wide open Adrian Arrington was overthrown.There is a possibility that incoming frosh, Brandon Harrison and Johnny Sears, could also contribute. We'll have to wait and see how the Summer 7 on 7 drills go.
Hall, Leon 29 WCB 1 Jr. 5'11" 191 Starter 4.42 33" n/a 960 3.2
Stewart, Charles 5 WCB 2 Fr. 6'1" 194 Redshirt 4.45 28" 310 21 3.5
Harrison, Brandon n/a WCB 3 Fr. 5'8.5" 190 Recruit 4.25 37.3" 330 17 3
Sears, Johnny n/a WCB 3 Fr. 6'2" 175 Recruit 4.4 34" n/a n/a n/a

Cornerback-Short Side

It looks like Grant Mason will be the starter with Morgan Trent backing him up and logging playing time in the six-back schemes. Darnell Hood also played some, but was not as impressive as Trent or Stewart. Walk-on B.J. Opong-Owusu must have quit since he wasn't on the Spring roster, but was on the published roster that was updated in March. Grant Mason looks good at times, but he also looks like Markus Curry at times in getting burnt. I think Trent is athletic enough to become the starter, and Stewart did play both short side as well as wide side in the drills. Time will tell.
Mason, Grant 85 SCB 1 Sr. 6'0" 196 Starter 4.5 n/a n/a n/a n/a
Trent, Morgan 14 SCB 2 Fr. 6'0" 185 Redshirt 4.4 35" n/a 20 3.5
Hood, Darnell 4 SCB 3 Jr. 5'11" 190 Backup 4.35 33" 305 n/a 2.5
Richards, Chris n/a SCB 4 Fr. 6'0" 155 Recruit 4.44 36" 220 1050 3.3
Edwards, Shakir 27 SCB 5 Fr. 6'0" 207 Walk-on n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Plummer, Kyle 22 SCB 6 Jr. 5'10" 167 Walk-on n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Logan, James 37 SCB 7 Fr. 5'10" 179 Walk-on n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a

Strong Safety

I was a bit surprised to see Brandent Engelmon working with the first unit, and Jamar Adams with the second. Engelmon looked solid, but he is no Ernest Shazor so we'll definitely be weaker at this position in the Fall. One guy I was hoping to see more of was Anton Campbell, and I didn't see much of him at all; he wasn't working with the first three defensive units. I was sitting at the South end while the defense was warming up and practicing mostly at the North end so possibly I missed him, but it doesn't look like he'll contribute unless on special teams.
Englemon, Brandent 31 SS 1 So. 5'11" 199 Starter 4.5 n/a 260 20 4.9
Adams, Jamar 22 SS 2 So. 6'2" 207 Backup 4.45 33" 315 940 3
Campbell, Anton 9 SS 3 So. 5'11" 191 Backup 4.45 36" 330 18 2.8
Carl, Mike 26 SS 4 Jr. 6'0" 204 Walk-on n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a

Free Safety

Ryan Mundy is the incumbent starter, and nobody is going to unseat him. Willis Barringer is his backup. Both are good, but neither impressed me all that much in the drills. I think we'll still be a target of teams with the deep passes and "bombs." All of our safeties appear to be capable and adequate in run support, but they all have a lot to prove in pass coverage. It would not surprise me to see Frosh Laterryal Savoy work here on defense first because the word is that his abilities are better suited for defense although he is also an outstanding receiver.
Mundy, Ryan 26 FS 1 Jr. 6'1" 204 Starter 4.37 37" 290 830 2.7
Barringer, Willis 19 FS 2 Jr. 6'0" 202 Backup 4.37 n/a 300 19 2.9

Overall Defense

I'm confident that we'll be better going to the 4-3 scheme, and we'll definitely have a better defensive line that will put more pressure on quarterbacks and create more sacks that the meager 21 in 2004. I'm the most worried about our depth at linebacker in a long twelve game season, and I think teams will be spreading the field in an effort to test our linebackers and wear out our defensive linemen. Teams will also test our secondary with deep passes early in the game until we prove we are capable of stopping this threat. I think overall we'll be an improved defense that won't allow teams like Ohio State to score 37, Texas 38, MSU 38 and Notre Dame 28; however, I do think we'll be susceptible to the big play and teams will be looking at films very carefully to exploit our weaknesses. Steve Stripling is really going to help us develop a solid defensive line. Hopefully, Jim Hermann and Sam Sword can develop the linebackers, and Ron English will definitely improve the secondary. It will be difficult replacing two All-Americans in the secondary though. October 1st at Michigan State, October 22nd at Iowa and November 19 at home against Ohio State will give us our toughest tests defensively.


It looks like a battle between two walk-ons, Sean Griffin and Turner Booth unless Pat Sharrow returns in the Fall to win the position.
Booth, Turner 61 Snapper 1 Jr. 6'2" 255 Starter n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Sharrow, Pat 68 Snapper 2 So. 6'4" 301 Backup 4.9 n/a 390 17 3.6
Griffin, Sean 71 Snapper 3 So. 6'3" 242 Walk-on n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a


We got some decent punts from our two walk-ons, Mark Spencer and Ross Ryan, but incoming freshman, Zoltan Mesko, is supposed to give us more hang time and distance to help our flyers to cover.
Mesko, Zoltan n/a P 1 Fr. 6'4" 230 Recruit 4.8 n/a n/a 1200 3.9
Spencer, Mark 2 P 2 Jr. 6'0" 223 Walk-on n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Ross, Ryan 3 P 3 Jr. 6'0" 206 Walk-on n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a

Placekicker-Field Goals/Extra Points

This was by far the biggest disappointment of the day with five kickers making only 9 or 10 of 20 kicks. We know Rivas is a solid placekicker, but the other walk-ons weren't impressive. Rivas was 2 of 4, Moore was 2 of 4, Bloomsburg was either 2 or 3 of 4 (I think 3 of 4), Lopata was 2 of 4 and Gingell missed all four kicks badly. These were short kicks, 30-35 yarders from both angles and the middle and not 40-50 yard attempts.
Rivas, Garrett 38 PK 1 Jr. 5'9" 216 Starter 4.8 n/a 250 1120 3.3
Moore, Craig 31 PK 2 Jr. 5'10" 181 Walk-on n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Bloomsburg, James 17 PK 3 Sr. 5'10" 194 Walk-on n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Lopatka, K.C. 83 PK 4 Fr. 6'2" 190 Walk-on n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Gingell, Jason 34 PK 5 Fr. 5'9" 180 Walk-on n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a


We were really weak here. Rivas doesn't have near the leg that Nienberg has. His longest went to the 8 and most kickoffs were at the 10 or 12. I don't know if Mesko can also kickoff, but are there any more walk-ons available???

Punt Returns

Not too much will change here. Breaston will be our deep guy and go down as the greatest punt returner in Michigan football history before he graduates. He is also dangerous to fumble. Leon Hall will back him up as will Grant Mason and Morgan Trent

Kickoff Returns

Our two deep was Breaston and Mason with Oluigbo and Max Martin close. Our next two were Carl Tabb and Doug Dutch as backups for Breaston and Mason. The third group was Morgan Trent and Kevin Grady.

Overall Special Teams

I would have to say that I'm worried about our special teams because we have been pathetic with our flyers covering punts for several years now, and I'm not sure if Mike DeBoard has the answers. In the meantime, opponents like Iowa continue to excel in this area. It can change momentum in close games. Our kickoffs look weak. Our punt returns should be strong with Breaston, but our kickoff return team has been "hot and cold." Breaston and Mason could give us a great kickoff return threat though. I'd like to see more pressure on punt blocking as we did about three or four years ago. I guess its easier said than done. I'm confident Rivas will be solid in extra points and field goals, but Mesko will be a question mark until he proves himself. Nothing could be worse than for a true freshman's confidence than to get a punt blocked early in the year.

Spring Scrimmage 2004

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