NCAA Division I Football Statistics: After 9 games, Michigan is
50th in passing, 233 yards per game
70th in rushing, 137 yards per game; Total Offense 370 yards per game (not in top 50)
52nd in first downs, 20 per game
8th in 3rd down conversions, 46%
60th in scoring, 28 points per game
17th in rushing defense, 106 per game
49th in total defense, 351 yards per game
30th in scoring defense, 20.3 per game
10th in net punting, 37.9 yards per punt
39th in kickoff returns, 21.4 per return
23rd in turnover margin, +0.89 per game

Out of 117 teams, we are quite fortunate to be 7-2 and ranked 11th and 13th in the polls; they key has obviously been 3rd down conversions and we can thank Navarre for making good decisions. Also, Navarre may rank low in passing and passing efficiency statistics, but he is 19th overall in TD passes thrown.

Individual Notes:
John Navarre, 60th in passing efficiency 123.2, 68th in percentage, 54.5%, 19th in passing TDs with 17
Chris Perry, 58th in rushing 79.3 yards per game
Braylon Edwards, 33rd in receiving yards, 39th in receptions (45)
Ben Joppru, 96th in receptions (35)
Jeremy LeSueur, 49th in kickoff returns, 22.63 per return
Adam Finley, 17th in punting, 42.63 average per punt
Julius and Markus Curry, combined for a 9.38 average per punt, app. 72nd
Marlin Jackson, 4th in passes defended, 2.4 per game (pass break ups or picks)
Norm Heuer, 3rd in forced fumbles, 0.75 per game

B.J. Askew is averaging 63 all purpose yards per game (38.2 rushing/24.8 passing)
Braylon Edwards and Chris Perry share team lead in points/TDs with 8 TDs/48 points each
Victor Hobson is our tackle leader with 6.3 per game; Charles Drake has 6 per game and Carl Diggs has 5.7 per game
We have 31 sacks vs. Opponents 18 for a +13
Our Red Zone efficiency is 71.1%-9th in the Big Ten
We are the least penalized team in the conference, 35.1 yards per game

If we look at our schedule in hindsight, our opponents Washington (4-5), Western Michigan (2-7) beaten by Ball State, Utah (2-6) and Notre Dame (8-1) didn't prepare us very well for the tough Big Ten season (i.e. Iowa 8-1). The best team we have beat so far is Penn State (6-3) and ranked still in the Top 20, followed by Purdue (4-5), Illinois (3-6) and Michigan State (3-6). I think Minnesota and Wisconsin will be close low scoring games, but they could prepare us for the Bucks.