4 to 6 Scholarships Left-Who are the targets???

1)DL-Shawn Crable and/or Trevor Laws and/or Kevin Brown and/or David Patterson and/or Carnell Stewart and/or Lawrence Dampeer

2)DB-Donte Whitmer and/or Ryan Mundy and/or Dareus Hiley and/or Kevin Mitchell and/or Freddie Parrish

3)LB-Prescott Burgess and/or Lamarr Woodley and/or Anthony Rogers and/or H.B. Blades and/or Jeff Jansen

4)OL-Martin O'Donnell and/or Joel Holler and/or Mike Jones and/or John Sullivan and/or Fred McConnell and/or Ryan Harris or Charles Owens

5)TE-Doug Van Dyke and/or Will Paul and/or Marcel Frost and/or Greg Olsen and/or Vernon Davis

6)Skill Positions: QB/RB/WR-Clayton Richard and/or Jayson Swain and/or Antonio Cromartie and/or Jerome Jackson and/or Marcus Woods and/or Lennox Whitworth and/or Steve Smith and/or John Logan