Mission Statement: University of Michigan Athletic Department

The mission of the Athletic Department is to support and supplement the mission of the University of Michigan by providing intercollegiate and recreational sports programs. The development of successful teams and quality recreational sports programs, with a focus on the welfare of our student-athletes, is inherent to our mission. The Athletic Department is dedicated to the principle that the pursuit of excellence in intercollegiate athletics must be accomplished within the framework of an academic community committed to providing equitable opportunities for all student-athletes, students, and faculty.

Guiding Principles
Below are the guiding principles of the University of Michigan Athletic Department. These beliefs and attitudes are embedded in our history and guide us in our behavior.

We follow the intent and the letter of each rule by which we have agreed to abide. We are honest in our dealings with student–athletes, coaches, staff, opponents, and governing bodies.

Focus on the Individual Participant
We are committed to the personal development and well being of our student-athletes, coaches, and staff. The individuals who participate in our department at all levels can learn the benefits of teamwork, self-discipline, personal responsibility, the setting of high standards, and the joy of achievement.

Academic and Athletic Excellence
We aspire to achieve success at the highest level of competitive athletics consistent with our resources. We serve young people who aspire to succeed at the highest levels of both academic and athletic performance.

Equity and Access
We are committed to achieving equity and diversity in our teams, coaching, and support staffs. Athletic opportunities are a vehicle to heighten personal development and thus we believe that the benefits of athletic participation should be available to as many students, faculty, and staff as possible regardless of gender, race, physical challenges or athletic skill.

Support Services
We are committed to provide excellent support services for our student-athletes. We are committed to fostering and nurturing a staff that is committed to teaching with integrity, passion, and behaves consistently with the academic priorities of the University of Michigan.