Observations on the first half with Connecticut, 21-10!

Michigan got off to a great start with a 14-0 first quarter lead, 12 first downs and 198 total yards in the quarter. Michigan converts its first two red zones for 2 TDs and 14 points.

Denard Robinson looks spectacular! He has rushed for 131 yards, 1 TD and passed for 70 yards; he was 8 of 9. Vincent Smith scored on a 12 yard TD run, and Michael Shaw got the start and has rushed for 47 yards in 10 carries. We end the half with 259 yards of total offense, a two minute time of possession advantage, 15 first downs and 5 of 7 on 3rd down conversions. Kevin Koger had 2 catches for 20 yards and Daryl Stonum had 3 catches for 16 yards.

Defense held the Huskies to three, 3 and outs on the first four possessions with a blocked field goal by Martell Webb. The Huskies didn't score until 4:21 left in the half, and the Wolverine defense stiffened to hold them to 3 points on their first red zone. Jonas Mouton has 5 tackles, Ezeh and Roh have 4 each. Then, the same Wolverines we saw last year with poor tackling and no leadership reappeared on the final drive to end the half when they couldn't line up in time to stop the Todman TD. Someone had better become a leader on our defense!

Special Teams have not looked good at all! Jeremy Gallon fumbles his first punt return, and luckily Brandin Hawthorne got the recovery. Brendan Gibbons first field goal attempt of 43 yards comes up short. Kickoff team purposely sent up two short kicks in an effort to avoid Todman, and confuse the Huskies; Gibbons also had two touchbacks with the wind behind him. Odoms falls down at the 8 yard line on our first kickoff return, and Will Hagerup gets off a rolling 50 yard punt to begin his career. We'll got an uphill struggle with special teams, and hopefully we'll improve quickly.

Second Half will be interesting! A two score lead can dissapate quickly! We get the ball first and need to score. We must maintain a solid offense with NO TURNOVERS!!!

Connecticut Preview