Observations on the first half with the Irish, 17-20!
1--Notre Dame is completely dominating this game on both sides of the football! We are lucky to only be behind by 3. The Irish convert 4 red zones into 17 points while Michigan converts one red zone into 7 points. No turnovers for either team.
2--Forcier is 9 of 14 for 118 yards. We are only 3 of 7 in 3rd and 4th down conversions with only 8 first downs. Mathews has 2 catches for 55 yards, Stonum has 2 catches for 34 yards, Carlos Brown and Kevin Koger have 2 catches for 15 yards each.
3--Running game is non-existent! Brandon Minor has 3 rushes for 26 yards and a TD. Team has 49 net yards rushing for the half. No running game for Michigan.
4--Defense cannot contain Jimmy Clausen and the Irish passing game! Irish finish the first half with 302 net yards, 112 net yards rushing, 190 yards passing, 15 first downs and dominated the time of possession by 7 and a half minutes. Irish offense is averaging over 8 yards a play. Clausen is 13 of 18 with 2 TDs, no sacks and few hurries. Michael Floyd is dominating both Cissoko and Warren; he finished with 3 catches for 81 yards and a TD. Golden Tate has 5 catches for 48 yards and a TD. Armando Allen has 13 rushes for 93 yards as the Irish offensive line are dominating the line of scrimmage, preventing sacks and blowing out our DL. Michael Williams has 6 tackles to lead the defense including at least one TD saving tackle.
5--Stonum has an outstanding 94 yard TD on a kickoff return and Olesnavage nails a 39 yard field goal to close the half. 10 points for the special teams and 7 for our offense. Mesko is having a terrible game with 3 punts for a 32 yard average. Lots of penalties for both teams: Irish have 4 and we have 3.
6--Greg Robinson needs to really adjust our defense in the second half if we are going to have a chance.