Observations on the win over the Badgers, 21-14!

1-We were very lucky to win! The Badgers played a great game, but our defense really stepped up in the second half. They scored no points, and couldn't even get in our red zone once (close twice). Hobson led the defense with 9 tackles including one sack and one tackle for loss, McClintock had 8 (none in the 2nd half) and LeSueur had 7. We had 4 sacks, 4 tackles for loss and 7 pass break ups including 3 by Markus Curry. Cato June did start over Shaw, and Sarantos started, but McClintock and he shared much of the playing time today at WILL.

2-Our special teams continue to kill us. We allowed a punt return for a touchdown after leading 14-0 to put them back into the game. They had 5 punt returns for 97 yards and a TD. Finley had a poor day, and contributed to their punt returns with poor hang time. He had 6 punts and a 37 yard average, but the net punting was horrendous. We also had a "halo" penalty, and two declined running into the punter penalties by Pierre Woods. Our punt returns feature a new returner, Jermaine Gonzalez.

3-Perry had 175 yards in 27 carries, and ran hard despite taking some tough hits. Askew had 44 yards in 6 carries; each has a TD. We evened up time of possession advantage. We did have 216 yards rushing which is a good day for us against a tough Badger defense.

5-Navarre did not have a stellar day; he was 19 of 28 for 134 yards, 2 picks and 1 TD. Joppru had 7 catches for 45 yards; Bellamy and Edwards had 4 catches each; Edwards had one game winning TD. On third down, we were 7 of 14; the Badgers were only 4 of 13. Michigan had 17 first downs to 15 for Wisconsin. The Badgers were +2 in turnovers, and that kept them in the game along with their great punt returns. Their defense had no sacks, but several hurries that led to the two picks. Their defense hit extremely hard, but tired in the second half.

6-Anthony Davis had 154 yards on 26 carries for 1 TD. He almost broke several runs for TDs, but we held on. I think the only reason they didn't beat us was they couldn't establish a passing game. Bollinger was 7 of 20 for only 60 yards. They had 255 net yards of offense with 195 in rushing. Their kicking game also killed them with 7 punts for 31 yard average, a missed field goal, and the pooch punt of about 10 yards when they could have boxed us in.

7-Wisconsin fans have two valid beefs: one was on the screen pass that Askew caught and was ruled incomplete, but we could see in the replay that he caught it and fumbled with Wisconsin recovering. The second was the incomplete pass in the end zone where Markus Curry interfered with the receiver prior to the ball coming down. Both close calls that went our way. I won't complain because we don't always get all the close ones, but these looked like they could have easily changed the outcome of the game.

8-Bring on the Buckeyes! 12-0 or 11-1 who cares, we need to play our best game to have a chance, but I think we can do it.

Observations on the first half with the Badgers, 14-14!

1-Wisconsin has completely taken control of this game after being behind 0-14 after the first 5 minutes. They have evened up time of possession (actually gone ahead by one minute), out rushed us with Davis running for 106 yards in 15 carries. They should be ahead if it weren't for a missed field goal. The two turnovers by us completely turned the momentum around along with the punt return.

2-Our special teams continue to kill us. We allow a punt return for a touchdown after leading 14-0 to put them back into the game. They have 3 punt returns for 68 yards and a TD. Finley is having a poor day, and contributing to their punt returns. His hang is poor, and his 4 punts are averaging 35 yards. We also have a "halo" penalty. Our punt returns feature a new returner, Jermaine Gonzalez.

3-Our defense is getting tired, and it is obvious by the missed tackles. McClintock is leading the defense with 8 tackles. June is playing quite a bit, and we have two sacks and two tackles for loss (both by Orr and Lazarus). Bollinger is killing us with options and scrambles setting up Davis on cutbacks.

4-Perry has 86 yards in 15 carries and Askew has 31 yards in 3 carries; each has a TD. We need to get back to a time of possession advantage.

5-Navarre is not having a stellar day; he is 9 of 15 for 77 yards, 1 pick and 0 TDs. Joppru has 4 catches for 24 yards; Bellamy and Askew have 2 catches each. Braylon Edwards has been shut out. On third down, we are 3 of 7 as are the Badgers and each team has 8 first downs.