Observations on the win over Iowa, 30-17!

1-The key statistic was 27 points off turnovers compared to zero for the Hawks.

2-Henne sure started slow, and wasn't very impressive in the second half; however, he finished with 16 of 26 for 234 yards, one rushing and one passing touchdown plsu 4 sacks. We had 18 first downs, 10 by passing, and were six of fourteen in 3rd down conversions for a 4:30 time of possession advantage. Edwards had 6 catches for 150 yards and a 58 yard TD. Avant had 3 catches for 42 yards and Breaston had 3 for only 18 yards. We finished with 359 total yards in 65 plays, with 2 turnovers in the red zone thwarting two other possible scoring changes. Each team had 17 points in three red zone opportunities.

3-Hart finished with 100 yards (2nd game in a row for 100+) in 26 carries; he also caught 2 screen passes for 14 yards. I think the move to start Henige at left guard and move Baas to center to replace Bihl paid off. It looks like our offensive line will be set for the rest of the year barring injury with Long, Lentz, Baas, Henige and Stenavich. We did take 4 sacks, but Iowa has an exceptional rush with Roth, Hodge and Greenway.

It is pretty obvious who our #1 tailback is after using 4 backs: Jackson, Hart, Bracken and Rembert. It is hard to believe that Underwood wouldn't get one snap, he must be back in the "doghouse" after his concussion. He may have pressed Lloyd too much for playing time or possibly just hasn't looked good in practice.

4-Iowa came to play and converted on all three red zone opportunities for 17 points against our tough defense. Tate was 24 of 32 for 270 yards, two TDs and two picks plus 4 sacks. Penalties and fumbles killed any potential that the Hawkeyes had for keeping this game close. They lost 3 fumbles and had five turnovers that made the difference. They were only 4 of 14 in 3rd and 4th down conversions, and had 16 first downs (11 by passing) for 255 net yards. Their running game was non-existent finishing with -16 yards due to sacks, fumbles and poor snaps. They took 9 penalties for 48 yards, and many were at key points in the game. Greenway and Hodge led the way with 10 tackles each; Roth had 7.

That "tough" Hawkeye defense forced us into two punts to begin the second half with "3 and outs." The game was a 6 pointer until their offense self-destructed with turnovers and penalties.

5-Our special teams are really bad. Our kickoff returns are no threat whatsoever. Our punt returns are no threat at all to block our opponent's punts. We do have good kickoff coverage and a fairly dangerous punt return team. Our net punting is one of the worst in the nation despite Finley's 6 punts for a 46 yard average. We did make a field goal, but missed an extra point. We are well below average overall, give our special teams a "D" grade.

6-It looks like Hall got the start over Curry, and he really helped his cause to remain the starter with his pick that led to a TD and he had a fumble recovery to go with 4 tackles. Grant Mason continues to impress with a TD pick (aided by a shove from Manning).

Shazor and Manning led our defense with 7 tackles each; Manning added a forced fumble and Shazor added a fumble recovery. Woodley, Watson, Massey and Ofili were credited with one sack each.

7-I'm very happy with this win, but realistically we all know this team is not a great one. Unless drastic improvement occurs, I see us defeating Indiana and Illinois on the road and Michigan State and Northwestern at home; however, I don't see us defeating Purdue or Ohio State on the road. We will also be hard-pressed to beat Minnesota at home, that game will be a real "toss up." If this is an accurate scenario, we'll end up in the Outback, Alamo or Sun Bowl depending on how others do. That would put Purdue or Ohio State in the Rose or Citrus Bowls and Minnesota, Wisconsin or us in the Outback, Alamo or Sun Bowls.

8-It was a good win with prospective recruits, King, Moosman, Taylor and Richardson in the "Big House." Hopefully, we'll get verbals and signed commitments from all of them by February, 2005.

9-Arrington got in at wide receiver, and Jamar Adams on special teams. Harris got his first start at MIKE-Inside Linebacker and it was nice to see Crable coming hard at outside linebacker. Unfortunately, Jamison didn't see any action today; he may have a serious injury. I saw Joe Sarantos in uniform so hopefully his ankle is getting better. McClintock has an ankle injury, and had limited action. Pat Sharrow has had foot surgery, and is out for the season. Jacob Stewart sat out the game with an injury, and Ryan Mundy plus Marcus Curry has a sprained ankles. Mundy returned in the second half, but Curry didn't play at all.

Observations on the first half with the Hawkeyes, 16-7!

1—The key statistics so far is we have 13 points off turnovers compared to zero for the Hawks, and we have two red zones for 10 points versus 7 points on one red zone for Iowa.

2—Henne sure started slow, but is now 11 of 17 for 205 yards and one rushing and one passing touchdown. We have 11 first downs, 8 by passing, and are three of seven in 3rd down conversions. Edwards has 4 catches for 132 yards and a 58 yard TD. Avant has 3 catches for 42 yards.

3—Our running game still looks weak as Hart has 12 attempts for 29 yards, and we have 46 yards in 18 attempts including 3 sacks, 2 by Greenway and 1 by Roth.

4—Iowa came to play and their initial 75 yard TD drive was impressive to start the game. Tate is 10 of 12 for one TD and one pick and 113 yards including 3 sacks. Hodge leads the Hawkeye defenders with 8 tackles. Iowa has been held to –29 yards in 17 attempts thanks to the snap over Tate’s head. We have a 238 total yards to 84 advantage, not that it matters, and a one minute time of possession advantage. Iowa is only one of six in 3rd down conversions. We have forced Iowa into 3 punts while they’ve forced us into 2.

5—Special teams have been about even, but the Rivas miss is ridiculous. Can’t we do better than that? This is our 3rd miss this year.

6—It looks like Hall got the start over Curry, and he really helped his cause to remain the starter with his pick that led to a TD. Shazor leads our defense with 6 tackles. Harris and Manning have 4 each. I’m not sure if Harris started, but he may have; he is looking great.

7—It should be an interesting 2nd half. We better not turn the ball over or watch out!!!