Observations on the win over Indiana, 42-35!

Indiana converts two of three red zones for 14 points, and we convert one of two red zones for 7 points. Each team scores 7 points of one turnover. Indiana holds a nearly 13 minute time of possession advantage resulting in a 30 play advantage, 52-22.

Denard Robinson has 153 yards on 9 carries for one TD, and is 7 of 9 for 152 yards and another 2 TDs. We gain 323 net yards in total offense with 9 first downs and 2 of 3 on 3rd down conversions. Roy Roundtree has 3 catches for 113 yards and a TD. Kevin Koger caught the other TD,

Defense looks ridiculous! Indiana has 19 first downs, 310 yards of total offense and is 8 of 10 in 3rd down conversions. Chappell is 23 of 33 for 2 TDs and 1 pick. We have no sacks on few hurries on him. Tanden Doss has 6 catches for 83 yards, and 3 runs for 9 yards. Belcher has 6 catches for 45 yards and a TD on the last play of the half. Darius Willis has 53 yards on 12 carries, and a TD. Cameron Gordon has 9 tackles, one for loss and an interception to lead the defense. Jonas Mouton also has 9 tackles, on for loss. Jordan Kovacs and J.T. Floyd have 7 tackles each. Carvin Johnson started, but Thomas Gordon has been in at Bandit.

We punted once, they punted twice. Neither team attempted a field goal.

Second Half should be a barnburner! We'll have to play better on both sides of the ball, and score immediately when we start the half. We need to get a pass rush and get some sacks.