What it boils down to are people who are selfish, irresponsible and inconsiderate!

Drivers who:

Stay in the passing (far left) lane while driving too slow and not moving over (especially truck drivers, drivers with trailers, SUVs, etc.)


"Cut you off"

pull out in front of you turning into traffic without giving you proper reaction time

are Truck Drivers who drive too fast like they're driving a car putting everone in danger with their large size and weight

are under the influence of alcohol and/or other drugs and contribute to unsafe conditions and accidents

are utilizing cell phones, reading, etc. and contribute to unsafe conditions and accidents

are under the influence of sleep deprivation and/or stress anxiety and contribute to unsafe conditions and accidents

operate and deliver Double-Wide Mobile Homes (over sized loads)

don't equip their trailers with proper brake lights or turn signals

drive with emergency flashers on when they're not needed

continue to drive with their turn signals on

have the crystal on their window visor flashing lights distracting other drivers

have inappropriate bumber stickers with vulgarity, profanity, etc.

People who:

Pick do vulgar acts in public without considering other's feelings (examples: farting, picking their nose, making distasteful sounds, etc.)

snap, crack or pop thier gum or chew gum with their mouth open (noisily)

chew tobacco and spit out anywhere and everywhere without regard

smoke in areas where others may inhale their second hand smoke

are overweight due to a lack of self-control (gluttony, lack of exercise, etc.) and won't change their nutritional/exercise habits

are insincere/hypocrites (never mean what they say, never even intend to do what they've promised)

are inconsiderate

lack empathy or empathic skills

lack hygiene or hygienic values to keep themselves and their home/work environments clean and orderly

play music in their automobile/truck or at home so loud that the vibrations from the decibels interfere with listening/concentrating

pushing in crowded situations, "cut" in line, etc.

don't supervise or correct their children in public places

are criminals of any kind that disregard other people's lives, freedom or property

purposely try to intimidate, coerce, etc. and contribute to facilitating hostile environments


When the computer locks up and one has to re-boot

When all the information typed in has been lost because it wasn't saved on hard drive

When some idiot hacks into your computer and invades your privacy or ruins company/personal/government data

When your hard drive is corrupted and all your data is lost

When important information you need immediately is inaccessible because you can't get on the computer or online

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