Dear Lord, Creator and of All Things in the Universe, Thank You for All that you have given to myself, my family and all people! Thank You for your patience and kindness! Thank You for the Good Health you have blessed to myself, my family and all people! Thank You for the abundance of nutritional resources, security and protection you have provided to all! Thank You for the Freedom, Opportunities, Companionship and Relationships that my loved ones, myself and all people have enjoyed! Thank You for the abilities and capabilities you have given me, my loved ones and all people especially the abilities to think, reflect, reason and have choices! Thank You for all the financial and economics resources you have provided to myself, my loved ones and all people!

Dear Lord, help my family, myself and all people to utilize the abundance of resources you have provided us! Lord, help us all to use the wonderous gifts and abilities you have given us to help and lead others, to give us the strength and wisdom to overcome temptations so we do the right things and make the best ethical, moral and spiritual choices so we may improve our skills to be the best we can be in all things: work, relationships, education and all endeavors! Dear Lord, help my family, myself and all people to acknowledge, accept, tolerate, understand, empathize and celebrate the differences in our world with regards to gender, religion, ethnicity, race, personality, values and all things so we may improve communication, limit and resolve conflicts, find solutions to issues and problems we face and live in peace, safety and harmony. Lord, as you know, all people have the ability and opportunity to affect other people so please help us to make positive choices so we may all help other people in a positive way. We are not perfect beings as you did not create us to be perfect; however, I pray to you, Lord, to help us to make fewer mistakes and poor choices so we may positively help all people, and overcome our mistakes and misgivings. I pray, Dear Lord, for your forgiveness and the forgiveness of others who we have offended so we may improve our relationships and harmony in those relationships. Help us all, Lord, to be kind people with high integrity! Thank You for your support and blessings, and for listening to my prayer request for all people! Amen

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