Scholarship Summary as of October 17, 2009
If my math is correct, 15 OL, 8 RB, 4 QB, 15 WR=42 offense; 8 DL, 12 LB and 8 DB=29 Defense. 42+28=70+3 specialists (placekicker/punter)=73. This means we have about 12 Available Scholarships+13 Seniors Leaving=25 scholarships for February, 2010 plus 3 oversignees for enrollment in January, 2011. We already have 19 verbal commitments for 2010 so this leaves us with 6-9 scholarships available depending on transfers, quitters, behavior issues, injuries, etc.
Scholarship Seniors and players leaving after 2009 season (22) and possible replacements:
Carlos Brown (Tony Drake)
Stevie Brown (D.J. Williamson)
Boubacar Cissoko (Cullen Christian)
Toney Clemons (Drew Dileo)
Andre Criswell (Ken Wilkins)
Marell Evans (Josh Furman)
Justin Feagin (Austin White)
Dann O'Neill (Aramide Olaniyan)
Kevin Grady (Jerald Robinson)
Brandon Graham (Clarence Murphy)
Vince Helmuth (Terry Talbott)
Greg Mathews (Ricardo Miller)
Tim McAvoy (Antonio Kinard)
Zolton Mesko (Marvin Robinson)
Brandon Minor (Stephen Hopkins)
David Moosman (Adrian Witty)
George Morales (Alex Smith)
Mark Ortmann (Beau Allen, Sharrif Floyd or Mike Thornton)
Adam Patterson (Jordan Paskorz)
LaTerryal Savoy (Jeremy Jackson)
Steven Threet (Devin Gardner)
Donovan Warren (Rashad Knight or Marquis Flowers)
Kurt Wermers (Christian Pace)
Other Players who may not have scholarships renewed or may opt for no 5th year (6):
Greg Banks (Courtney Avery)
David Cone (Cornelius Jones)
Perry Dorenstein (Will Hagerup)
Terrence Robinson (Terrence Talbott)
Mike Cox, John Ferrara or Brandon Moore Mike Cox (Bobby Swigert or Sean Parker)
Quarterbacks: Munchie Legeaux, Jeffrey Godfrey, Malik Stokes, Emory Miller, Aaron Johnson, etc.
Running Backs: Jamaal Jackson, Brandon Gainer, Cassius McDowell, Drew Miller, Andre Dawson, Leveon Bell, etc.
Wide Receivers: Dietrich Riley, Alex Smith, Kenny Shaw, Brandon Banks, Brad Harrah, Christian Wesley, Kenny Stills, etc.
Offensive Linemen: Jermaine Barton, Matt James, Chaz Green, Patrick Rigan, Jake Kaufman, Greg Ramsey, Blake Goodell, etc.
Defensive Linemen: Louis Nix, Mike Thornton, David Perry, Matthew Mosley, Gabe King, Owamagbe Odighizuwa, Ricky Heimuli, Ronald Powell, Tremondae Branch, Tim Jackson, Clarence Murphy, Beau Allen, etc.
Defensive Linebackers: Josh Furman, Aramide Olaniyan, Anthony Barr, Preston Brown, D.J. Lynch, Charles Favors, Greg Hickman, Justin Wilson, Jeremiah George, etc.
Defensive Backs: Cullen Christian, Brandon Ifill, Rashad Knight, Tony Grimes, Bobby Swigert, Tyler Blandin, Travis Williams, Lamarcus Joyner, Corvin Lamb, Cody Riggs, Keenan Allen, T.C. Robinson, Marquis Flowers, Lorenzo Waters, Sean Parker, John Fulton, Michael Coley, Josh Shaw, E.J. Johnson, etc.
Placekickers/Punters: Tyler Feeley, Brandon Tarpley, Conor Goulding, Eric Schiable, Clay Simpkins, Ethan Kieserling, etc.
Walk-on Scholarships: Jon Conover, Kevin Leach, Mark Moundros, Bryant Nowicki and Nick Sheridan
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