2003-2004 SEASON

Offensive Linemen (16)
Baas, David (Starter-Left Guard; 1st Team All Big Ten-2002 & 2003)
Berishaj, Tom(Redshirt)-Left Guard
Bihl, Mark (Redshirt)-Backup Center
Christopfel, Andy (3rd String-Center)
Gaston, Jeff -Left Guard-3rd String
Henige, Leo (Backup-Right Guard)
Kolodziej, Mike (Redshirt)-Backup Left Tackle
Lentz, Matt (Starter-Right Guard)
Long, Jake (Recruit)-Redshirt
Morgan, Courtney (Backup-Left Guard)
Pape, Tony (Starter-Right Tackle; 1st Team All Big Ten 2002 & 2003)
Pearson, Dave (Starter-Center; Rimington Nominee, 2nd Team All-Big Ten)
Riley, Rueben (Redshirt)-Right Tackle-3rd String
Sharrow, Pat (Recruit)-Center-Redshirt
Solomon, Demetrius (Backup-Right Tackle)
Stenavich, Adam (Starter-Left Tackle)

Walk-ons: Turner Booth (Long Snapper), Ross Mann (Long Snapper) and David Schoonover

Running Backs (8)
Bracken, Tim (2nd String Tailback)
Dudley, Kevin (Starter-Fullback)
Jackson, Jerome (Recruit)-5th String Tailback

Oluigbo, Obi (H-Back-3rd String)
Perry, Chris (Starter-Tailback)-1st Team All Big Ten/All-American
Rembert, Pierre (Redshirt)-3rd String Tailback
Thompson, Brian (Redshirt)-Backup Fullback
Underwood, David (3rd String-Tailback)

Walk-on: Alijah Bradley

Quarterbacks (4)
Brinton, Spencer (3rd String)
Gutierrez, Matt (Redshirt)-Backup
Navarre, John (Starter)-Co-Captain-1st Team All Big Ten
Richard, Clayton (Recruit)-Redshirt

Walk-ons: Mike Kaselitz, Jeff Kastl and Matt Wilde

Tight Ends (6)
Ecker, Tyler (3rd String)
Fisher, Jim
Kraus, Adam
Massaquoi, Tim
(Backup-2nd String)
Mignery, Andy
Murphy, Kevin

Walk-ons: Mike Mandich and Matt Studenski

Wide Receivers (7)
Avant, Jason (Starter)
Bell, Calvin (Backup)
Breaston, Steve (Backup/Punt Returns)
Butler, Tyrece (3rd String)
Edwards, Braylon (Starter; 1st Team All Big 10)
Gonzalez, Jermaine (3rd String)
Tabb, Carl (Backup)

Walk-ons: Ross Kesler, Brian Lafer, Chris Matsos and Andy Stejskal

Defensive Linemen (11)
Biggs, Rondell (Redshirt)-Anchor End-3rd String
Bowman, Grant (Starter-Nose Tackle; 2nd Team-All Big 10)-Co-Captain
Harrison, Larry (Redshirt)-Backup Tackle
Heuer, Norm (Starter-Tackle)
Kashama, Alain (Backup-Anchor End)

Massey, Pat (Starter-Anchor End)
Ofili, Alex (Tackle-3rd String)
Paul, Will (Recruit)-Tackle-Redshirt
Stevens, Larry (Starter-Rush End)
Van Alstyne, Jeremy (3rd String-Rush End)
Watson, Gabe (Backup-Nose Tackle)
Woodley, Lamarr (Recruit)-Backup Rush End

Walk-ons: Derek Bell and David Hull

Linebackers (10)
Crable, Shawn (Recruit)-SAM-OLB-3rd String (Redshirt)
Diggs, Carl (Starter-MIKE-ILB)-Co-Captain
Harris, Dave (Medical Redshirt)-MIKE-3rd String
Kaufman, Zach (MIKE-ILB-3rd string)
Manning, Roy (Backup-SAM-OLB)
McClintock, Scott (Backup-MIKE-ILB)
Presley, Jim (Recruit)-(Redshirt)
Reid, Lawrence (Starter-WILL-ILB)
Sarantos, Joe (SAM-OLB-3rd String)
Woods, Pierre (Starter-SAM-OLB)

Walk-ons: Jon Borden, Jeff Jansen, Joe Leoni, Max Pollack, Jeremy Read and Paul Sarantos

Defensive Backs (14)
Barringer, Willis (Redshirt)-Backup Free Safety
Burgess, Prescott (Recruit)--moved to WILL-backup
Campbell, Anton (Recruit)-Redshirt-currently working at Tailback
Curry, Markus (Starter-Wide Side)
Englemon, Brandent (Recruit)-Redshirt
Hall, Leon (Recruit)-Backup Short Side
Hood, Darnell (Redshirt)-Backup-Wide Side
Jackson, Marlin (Starter-Free Safety; 1st team All Big 10; 2nd team All-American)
LeSueur, Jeremy (Starter-Short Side)
McCoy, Quinton (Recruit)-Redshirt
Mundy, Ryan (Recruit)-Strong Safety-2nd String/3rd String Cornerback
Shaw, Jon (Free Safety-3rd String)
Shazor, Earnest (Starter-Strong Safety)
Stewart, Jacob (Backup-Strong Safety)-knee injury

Walk-ons: Mike Carl, Brent Cummings, Tyrone Jordan, B.J. Opong-Owusu, Kyle Plummer and Charles Young

Kickers/Punters (2)-1 offense (PK)/1 defense (P)
Finley, Adam (Starting Punter; 2nd Team All Big 10; Ray Guy nominee)
Rivas, Garrett (Recruit)

Walk-ons: Phil Brabbs (Kickoffs-injured), Craig Moore, Troy Nienberg (Kickoffs), Luke Perl, Ross Ryan and Mark Spencer

Total 81-42 on Offense/39 on Defense; the maximum NCAA Division I standard is 85! Zia Combs and Jeffrey Zuttah are still on scholarship even though they have medical issues; Sean Sanderson is still on scholarship although he's had grade problems and other issues.

Players leaving after 2003-2004 season (21) plus 4 short of 85 gives us 25 total (2 after Trent, Martin, Rogers, Allison, Johnson, DeBenedictis, Mitchell, Stewart, Hart, Ciulla, Henne, Mason, Adams, Graham, Massey, Gallimore,Walton, Cheathem, Branch, Thompson, Dutch, Arrington and Jamison verbals).

Walk-on Seniors: Jon Borden, Brent Cummings, Mike Kaselitz and Troy Nienberg!

Scholarship Seniors (Replacements)

Bell, Calvin (Mike Hart)
Bowman, Grant (5th) (Will Johnson)
Brinton, Spencer (5th) (Doug Dutch and/or Adrian Arrington)
Butler, Tyrece (5th) (Morgan Trent)
Diggs, Carl (5th) (Roger Allison)
Gaston, Jeff (Alan Branch)

Heuer, Norm (5th) (Marques Walton and Tim Jamison)
Kashama, Alain (Mike Massey)
Kaufman, Zach (Chris Graham)
LeSueur, Jeremy (5th) (Jamar Adams and Keston Cheathem)
Mingery, Andy (5th) (Chris Rogers)
Morgan, Courtney (5th) (Grant DeBenedictis)
Navarre, John (5th) (Chad Henne)
Pape, Tony (5th) (Alex Mitchell)
Pearson, Dave (5th) (Brett Gallimore)
Perry, Chris (Max Martin)
Shaw, Jon (5th) (Charles Stewart)
Solomon, Demetrius (5th) (Jeremy Ciulla)

Spytek, David (Grant Mason-transfer from Stanford)
Stevens, Larry (John Thompson)

Here is a historical perspective of Michigan Football Recruiting:

Year AP Top Player Players Lemming Hodge Crabtree Emfinger Wallace Insiders
2004 n/a Henne 22 4 5 5 n/a 4 5
2003 6 Woodley 17 n/a 7 17 n/a n/a n/a
2002 9 Watson 22 9 3 16 n/a n/a n/a
2001 20 Baraka 22 2 2 n/a n/a n/a n/a
2000 11 Ecker 21 20 13 n/a n/a n/a n/a
1999 5 LeSueur 24 8 8 n/a n/a n/a n/a
1998 12 Henson 19 1 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
1997 1 Thomas 20 5 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
1996 20 Hutchinson n/a 9 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
1995 17 Woodson n/a 10 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
1994 12 Dreisbach n/a 3 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
1993 21 Loeffler n/a 2 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
1992 5 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
1991 6 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
1990 7 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
1989 7 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
1988 4 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
1987 19 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a

Visit Dates

August 30-Central Michigan (2)
David Lonie-PK-California commitment

Jeff Schweiger-DL USC commitment (Hosts: Will Paul/Brian Thompson)

Kellen Freeman-Davis-TE (unofficial)-Michigan State commitment

September 6-Houston (2)

Jamar Adams-DB/S-commitment
George Bell-RB-Virginia Tech commitment

Fred Davis-WR (unofficial)-Southern Cal commitment

September 13-Notre Dame (1)
Kwame Agyeman-DB (unofficial)-Oregon commitment

Brandon Braxton-OL (unofficial)-Oklahoma commitment

Jason Chapman-TE (unofficial)-Wisconsin commitment

Cameron Colvin-WR-Oregon commitment (Host: Braylon Edwards)
Brett Gallimore-OL (unofficial)-commitment

Vernon Gholston-DL (unofficial)-Ohio State commitment

Chris Graham-LB (unofficial)-commitment
Chad Henne-QB-unofficial-commitment

Nate Lyles-DB/S (unofficial)-Virginia commitment

Doori Song-FB/LB (unofficial)-Princeton commitment

Ron Talley-DL (unofficial)-Notre Dame commitment
Dale Thompson-TE-Southern California commitment

John Thompson-LB (unofficial)-commitment

October 18-Illinois (Homecoming) (4)
Alan Branch-DL/OL-commitment (Host: Larry Harrison)

Keston Cheathem-DB/S/WR-commitment

Kellen Freeman-Davis-TE (unofficial)-Michigan State commitment

Brett Gallimore-OL (unofficial)-commitment
Eugene Germany-LB/DL-USC commitment

Tom Herring-DL/OL (Host: Pierre Woods)-USC commitment

October 25-Purdue (4)

Ryan Baker-DL-Purdue commitment

Rod Council-DB/S-Virginia Tech commitment (Host: Ryan Mundy)

Dwayne Hendricks-DL-Miami-Florida commitment (Host: Brandent Englemon)

Jaison Williams-WR/TE-Oregon commitment (Host: Jason Avant)

November 22-Ohio State (3)

Brett Gallimore-OL-commitment (Host: Jake Long)

Ted Ginn-DB-Ohio State commitment

Max Martin-RB-commitment

December 5-7 (3)

Vernon Gholston-DL (Host: Larry Harrison)-Ohio State commitment

Marques Walton-DL-commitment (Host: Larry Harrison)

Jakouri Williams-RB (Host: Leon Hall)-Tennessee commitment

December 12-14 (11)

Roger Allison-FB/LB-commitment

Adrian Arrington-WR-commitment

Doug Dutch-WR (Host: Jerome Jackson)-commitment

Chris Graham-LB-commitment (Hosts: Ryan Mundy/Tim Massaquoi)

Chad Henne-QB-commitment

Will Johnson-DL-commitment

Michael Massey-DL/TE-commitment (Host: Kevin Murphy)

Corey Mills-DL-Mississippi commitment (Host: Clayton Richard)

Charles Stewart-DB-commitment

Desmond Tardy-QB/WR/DB-Purdue commitment

Morgan Trent-WR/DB-commitment

January 9-11 (4)

Jeremy Ciulla-OL-commitment

Tim Jamison-DE (In-Home on January 22)

Devon Lyons-WR/DB-Ohio State commitment (Host: Ryan Mundy)

John Thompson-LB-commitment

January 23-25 (2)

Dumaka Atkins-C/OL/DL-Florida State commitment

Johnny Ayers-Punter-Boston College commitment

36 official visits/22 verbal commitments/1 transfer through February 4

Who are our biggest recruiting rivals?

Ohio State

Notre Dame

Michigan State



Florida State


Penn State







Boston College






Other athletes we recruited
Courtney Abbott-OL (Florida State commitment)

Nader Abdullah-DL-Ohio State commitment

Kwame Ageyman-DB/S-Oregon commitment

Charles Alexander-DL (LSU commitment)

James Bailey-WR (Indiana commitment)

Keauntea Bankhead-DB/S (Washington commitment)

C.J. Barber-DB/S/LB-South Carolina commitment

Quran Barge-DB/S/FB

JJ Bedle-WR (Syracuse commitment)

Butler Benton-RB/LB-Cincinnati commitment

Demonte Bolden-DL-Tennessee commitment

Mark Bonds-RB-Western Michigan commitment

Blake Botek-OL-Oklahoma State commitment

Joe Bozikovich-DL-Boise State commitment

Adrian Bradley-LB

Brandon Braxton-OL-Oklahoma commitment

Justin Brown-DL-Notre Dame commitment

Michael Brown-OL/DL-Florida commitment

Remarkus Brown-WR (Oklahoma commitment)

Jamar Bryant-WR-Georgia commitment

James Bryant-LB-Miami-Florida commitment

Dylan Campanale-DL

Shane Canterbury-OL

Jason Chapman-TE (Wisconsin commitment)

Jeray Chatham-OL-Oklahoma State commitment

Kyle Clark-FB

Jacky Claude-OL-Florida State commitment

Liam Coen-QB

Greg Coleman-RB (Iowa State commitment)

Dwayne Coy-DL

Alan Darlin-LB-Oregon State commitment

Octavius Darby-TE-North Carolina State commitment

Calvin Darity-C/OL-North Carolina commitment

D.J. Davis-DB/S-Texas A&M commitment

Fred Davis-WR-Southern California commitment

B.J. Dennard-WR-Arizona commitment

Lonnell DeWalt-WR-Kentucky commitment

Early Doucet-WR-LSU commitment

John Dunlap-WR-North Carolina State commitment

Greg Egbuogu-OL-Eastern Michigan commitment

Dannell Ellerbe-LB/DB-Georgia commitment

Randy Estes-DB/S-Washington State commitment

Jordan Eversley-WR

Bernard Faithful-LB-Toledo commitment

Mike Faulds-QB (Preferred Walk-on ?)

Delbert Ferguson-RB-Cincinnati commitment

Joe Fields-QB/WR (Syracuse commitment)

Jamaal Gause-LB/DL

Dion Gales-DL-Mississippi commitment

Willie Glasper-DB/S-Oregon commitment

Randy Griffin-WR

Romunn Grigsby-WR (Kansas State commitment)

Courtney Grixby-RB/DB-Nebraska commitment

Clayton Hall-RB

Mike Hamilton-RB-Oklahoma State commitment

Leon Hart-C/OL-Auburn commitment

Donta Herrod-DB-Syracuse commitment

Anthony Heygood-RB-Purdue commitment

Brian Hildebrand-QB (Oregon State commitment)

Greg Hinds-DB/S/LB-Memphis State commitment

Mario Hines-WR/DB/KR

Anthony Hoke-LB (Toledo commitment)

Carl Howard-DL-Virginia Tech commitment

Demarko Hughes-DL-Eastern Michigan commitment

Brandon Jackson-RB-Nebraska commitment

Kyle Jackson-RB/DB/S (Florida commitment)

Jim Jadron-OL-Indiana commitment

Dwayne Jarrett-WR-Southern California commitment

Langston Johnson-TE (Preferred Walk-on ?)

Tim Johnson-DL

Charles Jones-RB-Miami-Florida commitment

Dewayne Jones-FB (Rutgers commitment)

Micah Jones-OL (Kentucky commitment)

Reggie Joseph-WR (Colorado commitment)

John Kadous-OL (Notre Dame commitment)

Alan King-DE

Henry Kirlew-RB

Terrail Lambert-DB-Notre Dame commitment

Frank Lietke-OL (Preferred Walk-on ?)

Deondrea Lindsey-RB-Marshall commitment

Nate Lyles-DB/S-Virginia commitment

Uriah Marshall-DB/S-Arizona State commitment

Roland Martin-OL-Michigan State commitment

L'Andre Mathews-RB (camper)

Phil Mbakagu-DL-California commitment

Mike McIntosh-WR-Florida commitment

William McLee-FB-West Virginia commitment

Derrick McPhearson-WR-Florida commitment

Drew Miller-OL-Florida commitment

Zach Miller-TE-Arizona State commitment

Kyle Mitchum-OL-Ohio State commitment

Bruce Mompremier-LB-South Florida commitment

Dion Morton-DB/S-Colorado State commitment

Anton Narinskiy-LB (Iowa commitment)

McIntosh Nicolas-DB/WR-Florida commitment

Artemis Patterson-RB

Jeremy Perry-OL-Oregon State commitment

Ryan Pond-QB

Cleveland Powell-OL

DeMario Pressley-DL-North Carolina State commitment

Hussain Pringle-Shakir-DB/WR (Minnesota commitment)

Darelle Revis-DB/S (Pittsburgh commitment)

Keith Rivers-LB-Southern California commitment

DeWayne Roland-OL (Indiana commitment)

Kevon Rose-TE

Demetrius Rudd-FB

Nick Santiago-OL-Syracuse commitment

Brent Schaeffer-QB/WR-Tennessee commitment

Cortland Selman-DB/S/LB-Eastern Michigan commitment

Sam Siegel-WR/DB (Preferred Walk-on?)

Jamarko Simmons-WR-Western Michigan commitment

Allen Smith-OL-Stanford commitment

Craig Steltz-DB/S (LSU commitment)

Purnell Sturdivant-DB/S (Virginia Tech commitment)

Ron Talley-DL (Notre Dame commitment)

Tony Temple-RB-Missouri commitment

Derron Thomas-RB (Miami-Florida commitment)

Lawrence Timmons-LB-Florida State commitment

Brian Toal-LB-Boston College commitment

Brian Tracz-LB-Indiana commitment

Greg Turner-DB/S

Darius Walker-RB-Notre Dame commitment

Bobbie Washington-RB (Miami-FL commitment)

Kyle Wasson-DB-Eastern Michigan commitment

Jock Williams-LB/DE-Fordham commitment

Ray Williams-RB

Willie Williams-LB-Miami-Florida commitment

Worrell Williams-LB-California commitment

Ellix Wilson-DB/S (Tennessee commitment)

Josh Winchell-OL-South Carolina commitment

David Wolke-QB-Notre Dame commitment

Jeremy Zuttah-DL/OL-Rutgers commitment

Stay posted on the latest from Hodge on pledges and commitments!

Let's applaud the Michigan coaches, players and support staff for the unbelievable commitment to the best recruiting effort in the United States! Consider the following players that we have convinced to commit, visit or we are still working on to visit and/or commit to our glorious football program:

Lloyd Carr

Fred Jackson

Erik Campbell

Terry Malone

Jim Herrmann

Ron English

Andy Moeller

Bill Sheridan

Scot Loeffler

Steve Morrison

Mike Gittelson

Ratings: Lemming/Rivals/Insiders

#3/3/5 Chad Henne (Overall #7/10/28)


#6/5/18 Mike Hart (Hodge Super)

#14/23/14 Max Martin (Overall #73/-/-)


#24/8/15 Roger Allison (Hodge Super)


#5/11/10 Adrian Arrington (Overall #43/-/62)

#6/12/12 Doug Dutch (Overall #49/99/66)

#-/17/21 Morgan Trent (Hodge 150)


#-/7/42 Mike Massey (Hodge Super)

#12/14/21 Chris Rogers (Hodge Super)


#9/24/11 Jeremy Ciulla (Overall #-/-/83)

#23/3/51 Alex Mitchell (Overall #-/78/-)


#-/34/87 Grant DeBenedictis (Hodge Super)

#9/10/14 Brett Gallimore (Overall #-/94/96)


#1/13/NR Tim Jamison (#18/-/-)


#13/19/21 Alan Branch (Overall #101/-/-)

#18/13/7 Will Johnson (Overall #-/-/63)

#11/NR/77 Marques Walton (Overall #102/-/-)

ILB-Mike or OLB-/Will/Sam

#10/15/53 Chris Graham (Hodge Super)

#-/26/83 John Thompson


#-/16/17 Jamar Adams (Hodge Super)

#-/39/15 Keston Cheathem

#22/17/20 Charles Stewart (Hodge Super)

Articles on Recruiting Day 2004

Detroit Free Press-Rankings

Sports Illustrated-Rankings (Insiders)

Detroit News-Michigan's class

USA Today

2004 Parade All-American Team

Cameron Colvin: Classless???

Top Recruiting Classes for 2004

USC-21-Herring, Rivers, Schweiger, Byers, Germany, Miller, Davis, Jarrett and Thompson

LSU-31-Doucet, Favorite, Miller, Dorsey, Hester, Johnson, Steltz

Ohio State-26-Ginn, Freeman, Gholston, Mitchum, Lyons

Miami-Florida-28-Jones, Thomas, Washington, Campbell, Hendricks, Bryant

Florida State-27-Abbott, Claude, Atkins, Timmons,

Oklahoma-18-Holmes, Patterson


Penn State-28-Connor, Cadogan, Lawlor, Shipley, Varva, Morelli

Georgia-21-Bryant, Brown, Barnes, Ellerbe

Florida-23-Jackson, Nicolas, McIntosh, Miller, Manson, McPhearson

Oregon-30-Williams, Klovas, Hucko, Agyeman, Colvin, Glasper

Tennessee-26-Williams, Bolden, Schaeffer



Michigan State-30-Freeman-Davis, Bell, Grimes, Martin

Iowa-21-Narinskiy, Williams, Olsen

Illinois-24-Bolen, Carson, Fulton

Wisconsin-23-Hayden, Chapman

Boston College-20-Toal, Ayers

Notre Dame-18-Talley, Kadous, Hoskins, Walker, Baker

Missouri-27-Riggs, Temple

Washington-23-Bankhead, Tuiasosopo, White-Frisbee

Virginia Tech-21-Bell, Council



Kentucky-28-Jones, Dewalt, Casey

Arizona State-24-Marshall, Miller

Texas A&M-27-Davis

Oklahoma State-22-Chatham, Hamilton, Botek


Purdue-28-Tardy, Graham, Heygood

Pittsburgh-22-Bokor, Revis,

Texas Tech-27-

Kansas State-26-Patton


Iowa State-29-Coleman

North Carolina-24-

Washington State-32-Estes, Rowlands,

Syracuse-32-Santiago, Bedle, Ferron, Herrod

Nebraska-19-Murtha, Grixby


California-21-Williams, Mbakogu, Lynch

Oregon State-29-Darlin, Hildebrand

South Carolina-28-Winchell, Barber

Mississippi-26-Mills, Gales



North Carolina State-18-Darby, Pressley, Dunlop

Colorado-19-Jones, Hunt, Joseph


Western Michigan-19-Bonds, Simmons, Kashama

Eastern Michigan-23-Hughes, Jones, Selman, Wasson