Offensive Linemen
Bihl, Mark (Projected Starter-Center)-5th year

Boren, Justin (Recruit-Guard/Center)
Ciulla, Jeremy (Backup-Guard)

DeBenedictis, Grant (Backup-Guard)

Dorrenstein, Perry (Recruit-Tackle)

Gallimore, Brett (Backup-Right Tackle)

Kolodziej, Mike (Projected Starter-Right Tackle)-5th year

Kraus, Adam (Starter-Center)
Long, Jake (Starter-Left Tackle)

McAvoy, Tim (Redshirt-Guard)

Mitchell, Alex (Backup-Right Guard)

Moosman, David (Redshirt-Center/Guard)

Ortmann, Mark (Redshirt-Tackle)
Riley, Rueben (Projected Starter-Right Guard)-5th year

Schifano, Justin (Redshirt-Guard)-shoulder injury missing Spring Drills

Schilling, Steve (Recruit)
Sharrow, Pat (Backup-Center/Guard)
Zirbel, Cory (Redshirt-Tackle)

Walk-ons: Turner Booth (Long Snapper), Patrick Lyall and Jon Saigh

Top Offensive Line Recruits for February 1, 2007
Josh Marks

Running Backs (9)
Brown, Carlos (Recruit)
-may also see action at defensive back

Criswell, Andre (Redshirt-Blocking Back)

Grady, Kevin (Backup-Tailback)

Hart, Michael (Starter-Tailback)
Jackson, Jerome (Backup-Tailback)-Senior Year-ankle injury to miss Spring Drills

Minor, Brandon (Recruit)
Oluigbo, Obi (Backup-Blocking Back)-5th year

Paul, Will (Starter-Blocking Back)
Simpson, Mister (Redshirt-Tailback)

Walk-on: Alijah Bradley

Top Running Back Prospects for February 1, 2007

Vince Helmuth-Commitment #1 for 2007/Ryan Houston

Quarterbacks (3)
Cone, David (Recruit)

Forcier, Jason (Redshirt)

Henne, Chad (Starter)
Walk-on: Jeff Kastl
, Lee Mondol and Jeff Ziegler

Top Quarterback Recruit Prospects for February 1, 2007

Ryan Mallett
Tight Ends (5)
Butler, Carson (Redshirt)

Ecker, Tyler (Starter)-5th year

Massey, Michael (Backup)

Thompson, Brian (Backup)

Woods, Quinton (Recruit)

Walk-on: Cooper Stephenson

Top Tight End Prospects for February 1, 2007

Wide Receivers
Arrington, Adrian (Starter-Wide Receiver)

Bass, Antonio (Backup-Wide Receiver)-knee injury to miss Spring Drills
Breaston, Steve (Backup-Flanker)-5th year

Dutch, Doug (Backup-Flanker)-knee injury to miss Spring Drills
Manningham, Mario

Mathews, Greg (Recruit-Wide Receiver)

Savoy, Laterryal (Redshirt-Wide Receiver)

Tabb, Carl (Backup-Wide Receiver)-5th year

Walk-on: Ben Wright

Top Wide Receiver Recruit Prospects for February 1, 2007
Kenneth Hemmingway/Kelvin Grady (Basketball commitment)

Defensive Linemen (13)
Banks, Greg

Biggs, Rondell (Projected Starter-Defensive End-Strong Side)-5th year

Branch, Alan (Projected Starter-Defensive Tackle)

Ferrara, John (Recruit-Defensive Tackle)

Germany, Eugene (Redshirt-Defensive End-Weak Side)

Jamison, Tim (Backup-Defensive End-Strong Side)
Johnson, Will (Projected Starter-Nose Tackle)

Kates, Jason (Recruit)
McKinney, James (Redshirt-Defensive End-Strong Side)

Patterson, Adam (Recruit)

Taylor, Terrence (Backup-Nose Tackle)

Walton, Marques (Backup-Defensive Tackle)
Woodley, Lamarr (Starter-Defensive End-Weak Side)-Senior Year

Walk-on: Mike Knill

Top Defensive Line (DT/NG) Recruit Prospects for February 1, 2007
Ryan Van Bergen

Linebackers (11)

Burgess, Prescott (Starter-SAM-OLB)
Crable, Shawn (Backup-SAM-OLB)

Ezeh, Obi (Recruit)

Graham, Brandon (Recruit-WILL-ILB)

Graham, Chris (Starter-WILL-ILB)
Harris, Dave (Starter-MIKE-ILB)-5th year

Logan, Brandon (Backup-WILL-ILB)
McLaurin, Chris (Redshirt-SAM-OLB)

Mixon, Cobrini (Recruit)

Patilla, Quintin (Recruit)
Thompson, John (Backup-ILB-MIKE)

Walk-ons: Dan Moore and Max Pollack

Top Linebacker Recruit Prospects for February 1, 2007

Defensive Backs

Adams, Jamar (Backup-Strong Safety)

Barringer, Willis (Starter-Free Safety)-5th Year

Brown, Steve (Recruit-Safety)
Campbell, Anton (Backup-Strong Safety)

Englemon, Brandent (Starter-Strong Safety)-shoulder injury to miss Spring Drills

Hall, Leon (Starter-Wide Side Cornerback)

Harrison, Brandon (Cornerback or Free Safety)

Hood, Darnell (Backup-Short Side Cornerback)-5th year

Mouton, Jonas (Recruit)
Richards, Chris (Redshirt-Cornerback)

Sears, Johnny (Redshirt-Cornerback)
Stewart, Charles (Backup-Short Side Cornerback)

Trent, Morgan (Starter-Short Side Cornerback)-Why didn't he play in the Alamo Bowl?

Walk-ons: Mike Carl, Shakir Edwards, James Logan, B.J. Opong-Owusu and Kyle Plummer

Top Defensive Back/Safety Recruit Prospects for February 1, 2007
Ronald Johnson/Eugene Clifford/Artis Chambers/Dionte Allen

Kickers/Punters (4)-2 offense (PK)/1 defense (P)
Mesko, Zolton (Starting Punter)
Rivas, Garrett (Starting Place Kicker)

Ryan, Ross (Punter)

Wright, Brian (Recruit)

Walk-ons: Sam Buckman, Jason Gingell, K.C. Lopata, Jason Olesnavage

Total=84; 43 (18OL+9RB+3QB+5TE+8WR) on Offense/37(13DL+11LB+13DB) on Defense+ 4 P/PK; the maximum NCAA Division I standard is 85!

Players not returning for 2006 season (21); 85-84=1 total left! This means we are saving a scholarships for Slocum (if he makes a passing score on ACT or SAT I), Mondol or Stephenson.

Scholarship Seniors and players leaving (21) and replacements:

Allison, Roger (Obi Ezeh)-neck injury

Avant, Jason (Greg Mathews)
Cheathem, Keston (Quintin Patilla)-transfer to Oregon State

Gutierrez, Matt (Lee Mondol and Jeff Ziegler)

Henige, Leo (Perry Dorrenstein)
Lentz, Matt (Justin Boren

Martin, Max (Brandon Minor and Carlos Brown)
Mason, Grant (Steve Brown and Jonas Mouton)
Massaquoi, Tim (Brian Wright, Sam Buckman and Cooper Stephenson???)
Massey, Pat (Greg Banks and Adam Patterson)
McClintock, Scott (Brandon Graham)

Murphy, Kevin (Quinton Woods)

Richard, Clayton (David Cone)-Chicago White Sox

Stenavich, Adam (Steve Schilling)
Stewart, Jacob (Cobrani Mixon)

Watson, Gabe (Jason Kates and hopefully Marques Slocum)

Woods, Pierre (John Ferrara)
Commitments Position Visit
Banks, Greg DL 12/3/2005
Boren, Justin OL 12/3/2005
Brown, Steve DB/S 12/10/2005
Buckman, Sam PK 11/19/2006
Cone, David QB 9/10/2005
Dorrenstein, Perry OL 12/3/2005
Ezeh, Obi FB/LB 12/10/2005
Ferrara, John DL/TE 12/3/2005
Graham, Brandon LB 12/3/2005
Kates, Jason DL 1/20/2006
Matthews, Greg WR 11/19/2005
Minor, Brandon FB 12/10/2005
Mixon, Cobrini LB 12/3/2005
Mouton, Jonas S 9/10/2005
Patilla, Quintin LB 12/3/2005
Patterson, Adam DL 1/7/2006
Schilling, Steve OL 12/3/2005
Stephenson, Cooper TE 11/14/2005
Woods, Quinton DL 1/13/2006
Wright, Bryan PK 12/10/2005

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