Offensive Linemen
Boren, Justin (Possible Starter-Center/Right Guard)
Ciulla, Jeremy (Backup-Left/Right Guard/Center)

DeBenedictis, Grant (Backup-Right Guard)

Dorrenstein, Perry (Redshirt-Tackle)

Gallimore, Brett (Backup-Guard/Tackle)

Kraus, Adam (Starter-Left Guard/Center)
Long, Jake (Starter-Left Tackle)-Co-Captain-1st Team All-American

McAvoy, Tim (Possible Starter-Center)

Mitchell, Alex (Starter-Right Guard, Left Guard or Right Tackle)

Moosman, David (Possible Starter-Center)

Ortmann, Mark (Possible Starter-Right Tackle)
Schifano, Justin (Backup-Right Guard)

Schilling, Steve (Possible Starter-Right Tackle/Left Guard)
Zirbel, Cory (Possible Starter-Right Tackle)

Walk-ons: Sean Griffin, Patrick Lyall, Brent Nowicki, Michael Ramirez and Jon Saigh

Top Offensive Line Pledges for February 1, 2007 (2)
Dave Molk and Mark Huyge

Running Backs (6)
Brown, Carlos (Backup-Tailback)

Criswell, Andre (Possible Starter-Blocking Back)

Grady, Kevin (Backup-Tailback)

Hart, Michael (Starter-Tailback)

Minor, Brandon (Possible Starter-Blocking Back/Backup-Tailback)
Walk-ons: Mark Moundros, Robbie Thornbladh

Top Running Back Pledges for February 1, 2007 (2)
Avery Horn
Vince Helmuth

Quarterbacks (3)
Cone, David (Redshirt)

Forcier, Jason (Backup)

Henne, Chad (Starter)

Walk-ons: Lee Mondol, Nick Sheridan and Jeff Ziegler

Top Quarterback Recruit Pledge for February 1, 2007 (1)

Ryan Mallett

Tight Ends (4)
Butler, Carson (Projected Starter)

Massey, Michael (Projected Starter)

McLaurin, Chris (Backup)

Woods, Quinton (Redshirt/Greyshirt)

Walk-on: None

Top Tight End Pledges for February 1, 2007 (2)
Steve Watson and Martell Webb
(He will also play Basketball)
Wide Receivers (6)
Arrington, Adrian (Starter-Wide Receiver)

Bass, Antonio (Backup-Wide Receiver-2nd Surgery on Knee)
Dutch, Doug (Backup-Flanker)
Manningham, Mario

Mathews, Greg (Backup-Wide Receiver/Flanker)

Savoy, Laterryal (Backup-Wide Receiver)-will he move to safety?

Walk-ons: Tyrone Jordan, David Middleton, Landon Smith and Ben Wright

Top Wide Receiver Recruit Pledges for February 1, 2007 (4)
Zion Babb, Toney Clemons, Kelvin Grady
(Basketball commitment will also play football), Kenneth (Junior) Hemmingway and James Rogers

Defensive Linemen (11)
Banks, Greg
(Redshirt-Defensive End)

Ferrara, John (Redshirt-Defensive Tackle)

Germany, Eugene (Possible Starter-Defensive End-Strong Side)

Graham, Brandon (Projected Starter-Defensive End-Strong Side)

Jamison, Tim (Starter-Defensive End-Weak Side-RLB)
Johnson, Will (Possible Starter-Defensive Tackle)

Kates, Jason (Redshirt-Nose Tackle)
McKinney, James (Possible Starter-Defensive Tackle)

Patterson, Adam (Possible Starter-Defensive End-Strong Side)

Slocum, Marques (Redshirt/Greyshirt-Nose/Defensive Tackle)

Taylor, Terrence (Starter-Nose Tackle)

Walk-ons: Mike Knill, Tim North

Top Defensive Line (DT/NG/DE/RLB) Recruit Pledges for February 1, 2007 (2)
Ryan Van Bergen and Renaldo Sagesse

Linebackers (8)

Crable, Shawn (Starter-SAM-OLB)

Ezeh, Obi (Redshirt-OLB-SAM)

Graham, Chris (Starter-WILL-ILB)
Logan, Brandon (Backup-WILL-ILB)
Mixon, Cobrini (Projected Backup-ILB-MIKE)

Mouton, Jonas (Redshirt-SAM-OLB/SS)

Patilla, Quintin (Redshirt-ILB-WILL)
Thompson, John (Projected Starter-ILB-MIKE)

Walk-ons: William Bostic and Ohene Opong-Owusu

Top Linebacker Recruit Pledges for February 1, 2007 (3)
Austin Panter, Brandon Herron and Marell Evans
Defensive Backs (9)

Adams, Jamar (Starter-Strong Safety)

Brown, Steve (Possible Starter-Free Safety)
Campbell, Anton (Backup-Safety/Special Teams Contributor)-will he return for a 5th year?

Englemon, Brandent (Possible Starter-Strong Safety)

Harrison, Brandon (Probable Starter-Cornerback-Short Side)

Richards, Chris (Backup-Cornerback-Wide Side)

Sears, Johnny (Backup-Cornerback-Wide Side/Probable Nickel)
Stewart, Charles (Backup-Short Side Cornerback)
-will he move to safety?

Trent, Morgan (Starter-Wide Side Cornerback)

Walk-ons: Jon Conover, Shakir Edwards, Matt Hornaday and Kyle Plummer

Top Defensive Back/Safety Recruit Pledges for February 1, 2007 (4)
Artis Chambers, Michael Williams, Troy Wolfolk and Donovan Warren

Kickers/Punters (2)-1 offense (PK)/1 defense (P)
Mesko, Zolton (Starting Punter)
Wright, Brian (Redshirt Place Kicker)

Walk-ons: Sam Buckman, Jason Gingell, Ankhit Kachhal, K.C. Lopata, Jason Olesnavage

Top Placekicker/Punter Recruit Prospects for February 1, 2007 (0)

Total=63; 33 (14OL+6RB+3QB+4TE+6WR) on Offense/28 (11DL+8LB+9DB) on Defense+ 2 P/PK; the maximum NCAA Division I standard is 85!

Players not returning for 2007 season (22); 85-63=22-20 commitments=2 total left!

Scholarship Seniors and players leaving (23) and possible replacements:

Willis Barringer (Artis Chambers)

Rondell Biggs (Ryan Van Bergen)

Mark Bihl (Mark Huyge)

Alan Branch (Marques Slocum)

Steve Breaston (James Rogers)

Prescott Burgess (Brandon Herron)

Tyler Ecker (Steve Watson)

Leon Hall (Troy Wolfolk)

David Harris (Austin Panter)

Darnell Hood (Michael Williams)

Jerome Jackson (Donovan Warren)

Mike Kolodziej and Rueben Riley (efforts to recruit offensive tackles haven't produced pledges)

Ryan Mundy (Marell Evans)

Obi Oluigbo and Will Paul (Vince Helmuth)

Garrett Rivas and Ross Ryan (Ryan Mallett and Toney Clemons)

Pat Sharrow (Dave Molk)

Mister Simpson (Avery Horn)

Carl Tabb (Zion Babb and Kenneth (Junior) Hemmingway)

Brian Thompson (Martell Webb)

Lamarr Woodley (Renaldo Sagesse)

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