Offensive Linemen
Dorrenstein, Perry (Backup-Left Tackle)

Huyge, Mark (Redshirt-Potential Starter-Left Guard)

McAvoy, Tim (Potential Starter-Left Guard)

Molk, Dave (Redshirt-Potential Starter-Center)

Moosman, David (Potential Starter-Center)

Ortmann, Mark (Potential Starter-Left Tackle)
Schilling, Steve (Starter-Right Tackle)
Zirbel, Cory (Possible Starter-Right Guard)

Walk-ons: Zac Ciullo, Sean Griffin, Brent Nowicki and Michael Ramirez

Top Offensive Line Pledges for February 1, 2008
Dann O'Neill/Elliott Mealer/Kurt Wermers/Rocko Khoury/Patrick Omameh/Ricky Barnum
Left Tackle Left Guard Center Right Guard Right Tackle
Ortmann, Mark McAvoy, Tim Molk, Dave Zirbel, Cory Schilling, Steve
Dorenstein, Perry Wermers, Kurt Moosman, David Huyge, Mark Nowicki, Bryant
O'Neill, Dan Ramirez, Michael Barnum, Ricky Khoury, Rocko Omameh, Patrick
Snapper Mealer, Elliott
Griffin, Sean

Running Backs (9)

Brown, Carlos (Possible Starter-Running Back)

Grady, Kevin (Redshirt-Running Back)

Helmuth, Vince (Backup-Power Back)

Horn, Avery (Possible Starter-Speed Back)

Minor, Brandon (Possible Starter-Running Back)

Mark Moundros (Starter-Power Back)

Walk-ons: Mike Milano, Jim Potemba and John McColgan

Top Running Back Pledges for February 1, 2008
Mike Cox/Sam McGuffie/Michael Shaw
Power Back Running Back
Moundros, Mark Minor, Brandon
Helmuth, Vince Grady, Kevin
McColgan, John Cox, Mike
Speed Back-APB
Brown, Carlos or Horn, Avery
Shaw, Michael
Robinson, Terrence
Milano, Mike/Jim Potemba

Quarterbacks (3)
Cone, David (Backup)

Walk-ons: Nick Sheridan (Potential Starter) and Ryan Sheridan

Top Quarterback Recruit Pledges for February 1, 2008

Justin Feagin/Steven Threet
Sheridan, Nick
Feagin, Justin
Threet, Steven
Cone, David
Sheridan, Ryan

Tight Ends (6)
Butler, Carson (Starter)

Massey, Mike (Starter)-Senior

Watson, Steve (Redshirt)

Webb, Martell (Backup)

Walk-ons: Jon Bills and Mike Therman

Top Tight End Pledges for February 1, 2008
Brandon Moore/Kevin Koger
Hybrid Tight End/Receiver
Butler, Carson
Webb, Martell
McLaurin, Chris
Moore, Brandon
Tight End
Massey, Mike
Watson, Steve
Koger, Kevin
Bills, Jon
Therman, Mike

Wide Receivers (9)
Babb, Zion (Redshirt-Wide Receiver)

Clemons, Toney (Possible Starter-Wide Receiver-Left)

Hemmingway, Kenneth (Junior) (Starter-Slot Wide Receiver)
Mathews, Greg (Starter-Wide Receiver-Right)

Savoy, LaTerryal (Backup-Wide Receiver-Left)

Walk-ons: Jon Conover, Marcos Esparza, Ryan Meyers, David Middleton, Ricky Reyes, Jacob Stoll, Ben Sutton, Caleb White

Top Wide Receiver Recruit Pledges for February 1, 2008
Daryl Stonum/Terrence Robinson/Roy Roundtree/Martavious Odoms
Wide Receiver-Left Slot Wide Reciver/Flanker
Cleamons, Toney Hemingway, J.R.
Savoy, LaTerryal Robinson, Terrence
Wide Receiver-Right Roundtree, Roy
Matthews, Greg Odoms, Martavious

Stonum, Darryl

Middleton, David

Conover, Jon

Defensive Linemen (13)
Banks, Greg
(Backup-Defensive End)

Criswell, Andre (Backup-Defensive End)

Ferrara, John (Backup-Defensive Tackle)

Graham, Brandon (Starter-Defensive Tackle)

Jamison, Tim (Starter-Defensive End)-Senior

Johnson, Will (Starter-Defensive Tackle)-Senior
Kates, Jason
(Backup-Defensive Tackle)
Patterson, Adam (Starter-Defensive End)

Sagesse, Renaldo (Backup-Defensive Tackle)

Slocum, Marques (Backup-Defensive Tackle)

Taylor, Terrence (Backup-Defensive Tackle)-Senior

Van Bergen, Ryan (Redshirt-Defensive End)

Walk-ons: Will Heinager, Tim North and Tom Pomarico

Top Defensive Line (DT/DE) Recruit Pledge for February 1, 2008
Michael Martin
DE-Strong Side DT-Strong Side (Nose Tackle) DT-Weak (Wide) Side DE-Weak (Wide) Side
Graham, Brandon and/or Patterson, Adam Taylor, Terry Johnson, Will Jamison, Tim
VanBergen, Ryan Slocum, Marques Ferrara, John Criswell, Andre
Banks, Greg Sagesse, Renaldo Martin, Mike Pomarico, Tom
North, Tim Kates, Jason Heinager, Will

Linebackers (11)

Evans, Marell (Starter-OLB-SAM)

Ezeh, Obi (Starter-ILB-MIKE)

Herron, Brandon (Redshirt-ILB-WILL)
Logan, Brandon (Backup-ILB-WILL)
Mouton, Jonas (Starter-ILB-WILL)

Panter, Austin (Backup-ILB-MIKE)-Senior

Thompson, John (Backup-ILB-MIKE)-Senior

Walk-ons: William Bostic, Mike Fish, Kevin Leach and Ohene Opong-Owusu

Top Linebacker Recruit Pledges for February 1, 2008
Marcus Witherspoon/J.B. Fitzgerald/Kenny Demens/Taylor Hill
Mouton, Jonas Ezeh, Obi Evans, Marell
Logan, Brandon Thompson, John Witherspoon, Marcus
Herron, Brandon Panter, Austin Fish, Mike
Hill, Taylor Fitzgerald, J.B. Opong-Owusu, Ohene
Demens, Kenny Bostic, William Leach, Kevin

Defensive Backs (12)

Brown, Steve (Starter-Free Safety)
Chambers, Artis (Backup-Free Safety)

Dutch, Doug (Backup-Nickel)

Harrison, Brandon (Starter-Nickel)-Senior

Rogers, James (Redshirt-Right Cornerback/Punt Returner)

Stewart, Charles (Possible Starter-Strong Safety)

Trent, Morgan (Starter-Left Cornerback)-Senior

Warren, Donovan (Starter-Right Cornerback)

Williams, Michael (Redshirt-Nickel)

Wolfolk, Troy (Backup-Left Cornerback)

Walk-ons: Tony Anderson, Bobby Centrelivre, Shakir Edwards, Jermaine Jackson, Zach Johnson, Nick Koenighsknecht, Doug Rogan and Karl Tech

Top Defensive Back/Safety Recruit Pledges for February 1, 2008
Boubacar Cissoko/Brandon Smith/J.T. Floyd
Warren, Donovan Stewart, Charles Brown, Steve Trent, Morgan Harrison, Brandon
Rogers, James Smith, Brandon Chambers, Artis Wolfolk, Troy Williams, Michael
Floyd, J.T. Edwards, Shakir Tech, Karl Cissoko, Boubacar Dutch, Doug
Johnson, Zach Koenihsknecht, Nick Rogan, Doug Anderson, Tony
Jackson, Jermaine Centrelivre, Bobby

Kickers/Punters (2)-1 offense (PK)/1 defense (P)
Mesko, Zolton (Starting Punter)
Wright, Brian (Starter-Kickoffs/Place Kicker)

Walk-ons: Jason Gingell, K.C. Lopata, Chris Berry, Scott Schrimscher and Jason Olesnavage

Top Placekicker/Punter Recruit Prospects for February 1, 2008


Scholarship Summary

If my math is correct, 14 OL, 9 RB, 3 QB, 6 TE, 9 WR=41 offense; 13 DL, 11 LB and 12 DB=36 Defense. 41+36=77+2 specialists (placekicker/punter)=79. We have 6 scholarships to use for walk-ons, transfers, etc.!!!

Scholarship Seniors and players leaving after 2007 season (25) and replacements:

Jamar Adams (Boubacar Cissoko)

Adrian Arrington (Roy Roundtree)

Antonio Bass (Terrence Robinson)

Anton Campbell (Mike Cox)

Jeremy Ciulla (Taylor Hill)

Shawn Crable (Marcus Witherspoon)

Grant DeBenedictis (Rocko Khoury)

Brandent Engelmon (Brandon Smith)

Jason Forcier-transfer to Stanford (Steven Threet)-Transfer from Georgia Tech

Brett Gallimore (Kurt Wermers)

Eugene Germany (Michael Martin)-Transfer to Arizona State

Chris Graham (Kenny Demens)

Michael Hart (Sam McGuffie)

Chad Henne (Justin Feagin)

Adam Kraus (Elliott Mealer)

Jake Long (Dann O'Neill)

Ryan Mallett (Kevin Koger)

Mario Manningham (Daryl Stonum)

James McKinney-medical, transfer to Louisville (Ricky Barnum)

Chris McLaurin (Michael Shaw)

Alex Mitchell (Patrick Omameh)

Cobrini Mixon-transfer to Kent State (J.B. Fitzgerald)

Chris Richards (Brandon Moore)

Justin Schifano (Martavious Odoms)

Johnny Sears (J.T. Floyd)

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