15 Most Improved Teams of 2002-2003
Arizona State (8 wins; upsets of Washington, Oregon & almost beat Top 10 Kansas St.)
Boise State (11 wins; only loss to Arkansas)
California (7 wins despite probation)
Connecticut (6 wins including beating Iowa State)
Iowa (11 wins, Big Ten Champ and possibly ending up as #2 team in nation behind Miami-FL)
Kentucky (7 wins despite probation)
Minnesota (8 wins including bowl win over Arkansas)
Notre Dame (10 wins without much offense including wins over Michigan/Florida St.)
Ohio State (13 wins in BCS championship)
Oklahoma State (8 wins including upset or arch-rival Oklahoma; Go Les Miles!)
Penn State (9 wins)
Purdue (7 wins)
Texas Tech (9 wins including upset of Texas)
Wake Forest (7 wins)
West Virginia (9 wins)

11 Teams that fell Flat in 2002-2003
Clemson (7 wins, but 6 losses including humiliation by Texas Tech)
Georgia Tech (7 wins, but 6 losses including bowl loss to Fresno St.)
Illinois (5 wins after Sugar Bowl appearance in 2002)
LSU (8 wins, but 5 losses after Sugar Bowl win in 2002)
Michigan State (4 wins)
Nebraska (7 wins, but also 7 losses after being in BCS title game in 2002)
North Carolina (3 wins)
Syracuse (4 wins)
Tennessee (8 wins, but 5 losses; looked terrible in losing to Maryland in Peach)
Texas A&M (6 wins; no bowl)
Washington (7 wins, but 6 losses)

10 most pathetic football programs in NCAA Division I Football
Army (upset Tulane)
Buffalo (beat Rutgers)
Duke (beat Navy/East Carolina
Kansas (beat Tulsa)
Rice (beat SMU/Louisiana Tech/Navy/Tulsa)
Rutgers (beat Army)
Southern Methodist (beat Texas El-Paso/Louisiana Tech)
Texas El-Paso (beat Rice)
Tulsa (beat Texas El-Paso)
Vanderbilt (beat Connecticut)