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Welcome to my web site!

This site exists to provide visitors with a little info about my wife and me. You can view our resumes,  read short bios of us, and see pictures of our furry friends.

Here are two pictures of me. The first is 18 years old, the second was taken last winter.


Big Changes!

 My (previous) employer's recent announcement of its 4th quarter earnings were far less than expected, and together with the resulting drop in stock price, there was a need for immediate action. This included a 20% corporate-wide reduction in force. The reduction hit the Ann Arbor office very hard, and I was one of 30 developers who lost their jobs. 

These were all very talented people with a wide variety of technical skills. Their résumé's can be viewed at, the website we set up to help each other locate new employment

Of course, this means that I'm looking for a job, as well. 

To download a copy of my resume in Microsoft Word format, click here:    Download my resume in MS Word format .

To send me an email, click here:  Send me an E-mail!

I am seeking a position as a senior developer or team leader where I can apply my 22+ years of software engineering and project management experience to create quality object-oriented software that is a pleasure to use, sell, enhance, and maintain. I am an accomplished object-oriented programmer with broad experience with C++, Java, C, and several assembler languages. I also have good mentoring skills, and enjoy both teaching, and learning from other developers.

I’m looking for a small, results-oriented computer software (or embedded hardware/software) company that encourages short development cycles and fast customer feedback. They should stress a team approach and encourage education and training of their technical employees.

If you know of anyone who needs someone with my enthusiasm, interests, and skills, please tell them about this website, or send them a copy of my resume. Thanks!

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