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Meister-Scale BF109G construction project:

This site is dedicated to building a Meister-Scale Messerschmitt BF109 (refer to my dairy). The target weight is 25 -30 lbs. powered by a 3.8 cubic Inch Zenoah G62. I will be using Shindin Machine's scale ME-109 retracts with 82 deg. travel custom struts and Unitracts 5.5" smooth scale wheels.

What's  New

bulletAdded more links - June 11/2007
bulletResumed construction - June 11/2007
bulletFinished wheel well pics - June 25/2007

Key Milestones

bulletFuselage Construction Completed - October 29/2003

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 This site was created in appreciation of modeling the Messerschmitt BF109 and does not indorse or condone the policies of WWII Nazi Germany.
For problems or questions regarding this web contact:  david010567@yahoo.com

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