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I've drawn an awful lot over the years (gosh, come to think of it, I'm coming up on my 10th anniversary of getting a soldering tool :), from Doom levels to mechanical contraptions to metal-melting devices to electronic circuits. Ah yes, electronic circuits. I recently went through my desk drawer, which holds a good few years of scattered schematics, and I'm kinda suprised at how much I knew.. sometimes, that is.. looks kinda hit-and-miss, some of the designs in there are pretty good bombs in the making. :-P These days I usually think of a concept then scetch the individual parts on paper while determining operating points, then print the full schematic either on paper or computer. These schematics on the computer, numbering 74 right now by the looks of it (54 of which have also been saved as .GIF for posting on the internet), range from audio amps to radio transmitters and recievers (I think there's one in there ;) and power supplies. Come to think of it, not much that doesn't have an amplifier in it. On the other hand, what else are tubes and transistors (transistor, wassat) made for? :-)

4 months later, finally getting around to this... :-O It's now 85 schematics (and shows no sign of stopping :). I've batch converted them so now all I gotsta do is type HTML. And that's a lot..ugh. Well here goes!

Some of these work well. Others don't. Some may work well but were never built (..yet..). Others were never intended to work, and some are very basic or incomplete diagrams that may spit a few sparks if tried! I don't recommend you try these unless you know what you're doing.


It looks like the last update here was Jan. '04. It is now Sept. '07. It looks like I have another 98 bitmaps in my Circuits folder, so I'll probably want to post those some day. In the mean time, I thought I'd drop in the "font" I use to draw these schematics. My style has changed a little over the years, but it's certainly still recognizable.

So how do I do it? Tediously, for one. First of all, I have a set of images -- 2 or 16 color bitmaps, whichever way it ends up -- which I paste into my work, done in Windows Paint (Edit/Paste From...). I often paste in parts I'm going to use, arrange them (at full scale) roughly where I'm going to need them, then zoom in (4x usually), draw lines between them, move things around and get it right. Then I piece together bigger pieces if necessary, and usually, text labels go last. I used to use numbers, but got lazy about it. I used to use Small Font (5pt I think), but later switched to MS Sans Serif, 8pt., which I think looks a bit better. I don't like what's done with certain characters, so I irregularly modify it: shift the "+" up and to the left one pixel; add serifs to the "I" (convienient when labelling a current); shift up and widen the "-"; move the "W" away (its width often makes it touch other characters); etc. Then I save as monochrome bitmap, and if distributing, I usually resave it as GIF87a, saving some file size and improving compatibility.

Elec_All.bmp contains all the clips, combined into one image. (It'll probably display in your browser.) It's not entirely up to date, but that's understandable. contains all the individual symbols, in their directory tree, and are up to date as of this sentence. In contrast to the rest of my site's content, these are up as Copyleft, i.e., use, distribute and modify freely.

Circuits, 2004-2007

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