What do I Listen to?

M e t a l l i c A

Mostly metal/rock, new music, that area. Basically whatever they play on WJJO, I'll listen to. I have some Classical on disk that I listen to every so often.. you just can't argue with good music!
Here's a playlist of all my .MP3s.. mind you, this includes songs that I practically never listen to, songs which friends downloaded, some which frankly, I totally regret downloading :p, and some that aren't even songs (the Simpsons quotes for example). I recently added MIDIs to the list, padding it out a few hundred, so's I can easily select tunage for new Doom levels. And to listen, since some of those songs are pretty good without killing, too. 8-)
Download Here
Disclaimer: this is intended for viewing purposes only, and contains no actual music files.

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