Who are Tim Williams?

In a narcissistic mood one day I thought I'd see where I am on the internet. It turns out that, since this site is apparently so boring, it has a pretty low PageRank, being completely surpassed by the millions of other Tim Williamses more fortunate than myself. (It seems, at least at the moment, "Tim Williams" with a specific keyword like "casting" or "electronics" gets this website within the first few hits. It seems my prominent brow ridges have brought me the ignominy of "Tim Williams cave man" bringing a quick first hit on Google.) Thus, I discovered my startling non-uniqueness in the world. I'm not the first person to realize this...a Tim (R.) Williams put up a list on his university website, the original list as far as I can tell. Unfortunately it's only dated 2002 at the latest and many of the links are dead. I thought I'd take inspiration from that and build a new one from the top links on Google. YMMV.





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