Who Am I?

(The 03/21/03 answer..) A hard question for me to answer. I could just say nobody - indeed, have you heard of me before? Well ok, maybe (how else did you get here?). The easy answer is 'Tim Williams', but that doesn't tell you anything. Perhaps a person is better defined by his actions, words, friends. If that's the case, then this page has no point, instead being more succinctly covered by the other pages collectively.

What else. I enjoy riding my bike, although I haven't done much lately because it's cold and I've been most everywhere in town already. I might've mentioned somewhere on this site that my best friend is Mark, that's his website...

Hard to think of much else. I'm an engineer type, I've got The Knack (Dilbert cartoon show quote), that pretty much sums it up. ;-)

Until later...

It's been 8 months, think it's about time I update this. Uh... what was I gonna put here? :p Oh yeah, how about what I do besides electronics, casting and games... Well right now I'm homeschooled, taking a for-homeschoolers Calculus 1 class, and Physics 101 free at Beloit College as a Porter Scholar (their thing where HS seniors apply for a class.. lemme put it this way, out of 1000 students on campus, only 30 are Porter Scholars.. so I'm lucky!). That reminds me, I gotta check out some colleges..

(10/19/2005) 'Bout time I think I should update this... Last year I decided on Beloit, and this year I'm enrolled in four classes as a freshma- err, "first year student". (..And the difference is...??) I got a spot in the local paper's seasonal college section because I'm homeschooled, a Porter Scholar and chose to matriculate, apparently a very rare combination. I'm finishing up the calculus mentioned above: since my class above covered all the Calc 1 stuff, I'm in Calc 2. Also taking an upper-level physics class (I'm headed for a very expensive piece of paper that says I'm an electrical engineer, something I probably don't need anyway), an English class I so sorely need, and a required first-year class, mine is in the geology department, "Landscape Change".

Hmm, y'know, this website's been around near three years now... :)

(09/19/2008) Put in three years at Beloit, time to make my move on Engineering. Currently at MSoE to get that expensive little sheet of paper that says "Engineer". Hmm, dorm life...

(12/04/2010) I'm just barely almost done at MSOE, and I have a job now. Guess where... they make induction heaters. Yeah. So after all this screwing around, it's finally paying off. Unfortunately this means I no longer have time to support the briefly lived Williams Induction, but that doesn't mean you can't get an induction heater... give these guys a call, if you have an interesting and lucrative project, they'll be glad to help!

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