Morro Bay Contractor Recommendations

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EZ Painting Mike Leland 805-464-0552 or 805-296-0003 Great painter (did all of my indoor painting and also my outside trim); turned white doors into wood-looking doors; good prices; Contractor Lic #878429 Dawn Beattie
Concrete Construction
Williams Concrete Paul Williams 805-528-1524 "One of the best" & "I highly recommend his services" David Wilson, Morro Bay View
. Glen Theilen 805-440-2227 North Morro Bay Nextdoor Morro Bay
. Jerad Hutchison 805-423-8715 & Licensed contractor, who does "everything but painting!" Tattons
Power Pumbing . 805-541-2444 replaced my tankless water heater and recirculating heat pump and installed a pressure regulator; very pleasant and competent Dawn Beattie; Rafael Marti
Wann Pumbing Melt Wann 805-772-1366 Polly Tatton says "I like Melt Wann; Joe Wann, his son, is also good;" in addition, Nextdoor Morro Bay gave good recommendations Tattons; Nextdoor Morro Bay
Competitive Pumbing Ken Pierce 805-709-3137 Nextdoor Morro Bay gave good recommendations Nextdoor Morro Bay
. David Robbins 805-801-9695 MaryAnn Britton says "Excellent - we have used him for over 10 years at three different homes, and guarantees all his work!" MaryAnn Britton of Nextdoor Morro Bay
Rock Solid Plumbing Russ 805-772-7024 Jan Everden says "He's excellent" Jan Everden
Harrison Electric Richard Harrison 805-995-1906 Has done a lot of electrical work for me; VERY pleasant and fair; did full house electrical at 2778 Indigo Circle Steve Stevens; Dawn Beattie
Ada's Floor Covering Mark Adams 805-772-3030 Replaced carpeting with hardwood flooring in two rooms and a hallway; replaced bathroom carpeting with tile (and helped match it to existing tile); all interactions have been fabulous Dawn Beattie
Indoor/Outdoor Contractor
Integrity Construction Jeff Jones 805-441-6095 Lic #847167; Did my outside (including pool) patio implementation; did Ignatius' yard; also painted their house Dawn Beattie; Ignatius'
Salamacha Construction Jeremy Salamacha 805-528-8745 Referred by a local contractor, Jeremy Salamacha is the son of Tribune writer Judy Salamacha. Small company but reliable, affordable and well equipped to do most any smaller construction project. We have used him for deck repair which was done very quickly and done right. He's also a very nice guy. Lewans
. Jerad Hutchison 805-423-8715 & Licensed contractor, who does "everything but painting!" Tattons
One Source Home Solutions Chad Theule 805-548-0110 Installed epoxy floors - just love them! franchise of The Garage People Dawn Beattie
Chimney Doctor . 805-772-4352 or Both of their caps had rusted out and the Chimney Doctor found improperly installed chimney pipes that could have caused fire. Looking around our neighborhood, they said that there are many homes that will soon require chimney repair. If the Ignatius' had waited, they may have lost both fireplaces to water damage as well. Ignatius'
Landscape Maintenance
Stamback Landscape Maintenance Shawn Stamback 805-594-1564 Good work; very pleasant Dawn Beattie
JDF Landscape Maintenance Jim 805-235-4374 Good work; very pleasant; trims trees too Dawn Beattie
. Rob Vandenouden 805-528-0183 & Cleared weeds from empty lot; referred by Steve Stevens & City of Morro Bay Hylands
Tree Trimming
Arbor First Bob 805-441-3715 Lives close (in the beach track) Dawn Beattie; Ignatius'; Allens
JDF Landscape Maintenance Jim 805-235-4374 Good work; very pleasant Dawn Beattie; Ignatius'
Rick's Tree Service Craig 805-929-3600 Trimmed willow trees before I moved in .
Landscape Designers
Outdoor Design Works Rick Shadley 407-644-7335 Did landscape design at my last house and I loved it! So, had him do this's FANTASTIC!! Dawn Beattie
Landscape Design and Installation J. Michael Barry 805-234-5091 or . Lauffers
Pool Service
All Clear Mike Roy, owner 805-458-6692 & Good work; very friendly; took over from Curtis at Dependa Pool Dawn Beattie
Dependa Pool Curtis Marsh 805-234-6636 Good work; very friendly; took over from Ron at Signature Pools Dawn Beattie
Signature Pools Ron Clements 805-305-0062 Good work; friendly; price in line with others Dawn Beattie
Pest Services
Clark Pest Control Shawn 800-WE NEED YOU 800-936-3339 & Good work; prices better than Orkin Dawn Beattie
Orkin Paul Shiffrar 805-541-3445 Good work; reasonable prices Dawn Beattie
Eco Advantage Dimitri 805-710-4893 Referred by James Kurz of North Morro Bay Nextdoor Morro Bay
Home Security
Mace Scott Mace 805-528-6223 System came with house; Mace monitors Dawn Beattie
Interior Designers
Divine Design Interiors Melanie Lewek 760-438-3211 Great design ideas; very responsive; transitional Dawn Beattie
Nettle Creek Interiors Becky Jessen 858-452-0991 Great design ideas; very busy; traditional Dawn Beattie
Daylight Home & Patio Sharon 805-547-1234 Great selection of bamboo & non-traditional patio fare McDonalds; Kellers; Dawn Beattie; Tattons
Morro Bay Furniture Eli 805-772-9740 Bought a really nice mattress at a good price Dawn Beattie
Fitting Image Anyone 805-541-2685 No appt necessary Dawn Beattie
Cabinet Makers
Doctor of the House Dan Morgan 760-634-0592 Great work on built-ins; dry-wall; special wood-working Dawn Beattie; Kellers
Carpet Cleaners
Pioneer Carpet Cleaning . 805-544-4761 "The owner and his staff provide incredible service and are usually less expensive than other carpet cleaning companies;" "the best I've ever used" and "Punctual and tidy too" KC Caldwell, Ellen Radon, Karen Beckman
Chem-Dry . 805-544-1352 or 805-772-1737 cleaned many sofas and some area rugs; does a good job Dawn Beattie
Window Cleaners
Cayucos Window Cleaning Tyler Rhys 805-235-2037 OR 805-995-5070 very personable; does great work; fair prices McDonalds; Dawn Beattie
Personal Touch Joyce & Sonny 559-449-1906, 559-974-1957 or Been cleaning for the Tattons for years Tattons; McDonalds
. Vicki Wheeler 805-459-2820 Referred by friend & neighbor; not cheap, but she and her partner are super speedy Gail Andrews; Dawn Beattie
Car Detail
Peerless Mobile Detailing Bryan Dobyns 949-338-3910 or Comes to your house; did an unbelievable job on my Vette, even threw in an engine detail for free Dawn Beattie; Jim Lewan
. Al Curtice 805-927-5518 Comes to your house; referred by Dr. Van Dyke Dawn Beattie; Barb Ignatius
. Shellie 805-771-8671 . Vicki McDonald
The Skin Stop Cyndee Edwards 805-459-3792 . Dawn Beattie; Vicki McDonald
The Skin Stop Cyndee Edwards 805-459-3792 Started her own business after working at Bay Beauty; highly recommend Vicki McDonald; Dawn Beattie
Images Pam Miller 805-772-9799 Does a great job with cut & color; have received many compliments Dawn Beattie; Judy Lauffer; Pam Hyland
New Horizons Joleen 805-772-9123 Cut & color Worth Hall; Dawn Beattie
Images Pam Miller 805-772-9799 Incredibly knowlegeable about nails; pink & whites Vicki McDonald; Dawn Beattie
Pet Grooming
Brenda's Mobile Dog Bath Brenda Brebes 805-704-0540 Does a great job; went off on her own from Splish Splash Dawn Beattie
Grannie's Pet Nannie Service Ronnie Trigg 805-995-2521 Has taken care of my dog & cats; highly recommend Dawn Beattie
Los Osos Pet Hospital Dr. Richard Knighton 805-528-4111 Part of AAHA; referred to me by my SoCal vet Dawn Beattie
Morro Bay Veterinary Clinic Dr. Greg Neal 805-772-4411 Dawn thinks adequate; Lewans like him Lewans
Cuesta Medical Group Dr. Robert Schingler 805-534-1305 Recommended by friends; on my HMO insurance as Primary Care Physician (PCP) Dawn Beattie
Cambria Chiropractic Dr. David Van Dyke 805-927-8631 Highly recommend him! Dawn Beattie
. Dr. Sanjay Ganpule 805-434-0333 Good guy; oncologist referred to me by PCP Dawn Beattie
Oncology, Hemotology Medical Associates Dr. James Malone 805-543-5577 Good care; referred to me by SoCal Oncologist Dawn Beattie
Podiatrist Dr. Buzz Hamblin 805-772-7339 Referred by Dr. Van Dyke Dawn Beattie
. Dr. Ryan Garcia 805-772-2731 Referred by Dr. Turner when he retired; Dani does good cleaning Dawn Beattie
. Dr. Scott Taylor 805-772-8143 Nextdoor North Morro Bay Recommendation Shawn Hunt; Nicole Dorfman
Peachtree Dental . 805-544-7804 Referred by Dr. Turner's office (before he retired) for dental emergency Dawn Beattie