Section voicings

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Trumpet voicings are generally restricted to a close or semi-open voicing. If the voicing is spread too far apart the power of the section can be diminished. Notes written toward the low range of the instrument will not balance well with the upper parts.

When voiced with trombones, trumpets ususally contain "color" notes, such as altered tones and extended harmonies.

You Don't Know What Love Is
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Thad Jones frequently used triads when voicing trumpets above trombones and saxophones. The triads were created from the extended harmonies of the chord. In the example below Matt Harris uses this concept on the last two chords. The chord symbols below the staff represent the notation using polychord symbols.

There Is No Greater Love
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The only trumpet soli found on the Alive XV CD is this one from Hubtones. It alternates from unison to block voicing.

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